10 Cool Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Are you looking for super cute and easy Halloween costumes? These fun Halloween costumes will save you from a last minute struggle and your kids will love wearing them!

Most kids love Halloween, and I understand that! Candy, fashion, night out and lots of fun events with friends… what’s not to love? But as we parents know, it can be stressful to plan and implement the outfits kids will love, be comfortable, and actually will wear!

With the weather getting cold and pumpkin spice popping up, we’re starting to dread having to come up with the perfect outfit. Never be afraid! You’ve found the best DIY Halloween costumes for toddlers and kids. These ideas are super fun and clever, and a lot of them are quick and easy, so you won’t be scrambling all day before trying to put together an intricate costume at the last minute.

I honestly miss the days when I was completely in control of our Halloween costumes! I made this DIY scarecrow fashion When my girls were young. It’s my favorite outfit – it was easy and so cute. She made the halter dresses out of tulle, slipped a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and added the fun hats! They were perfect and my daughters loved them too.

DIY Scarecrow Tutu Costumes

Want more great ideas that are easy to put together? Gone are the days of throwing a sheet over your children’s heads and telling them they are ghosts. Keep reading below to find super easy DIY Halloween costume ideas that will give you the coolest kids and toddlers at your Halloween party or trick-or-treating!

DIY Halloween costumes

DIY Cotton Candy

DIY Cotton Candy About as fun and sweet as it gets! This is a fun idea from Pretty Life Girls and it will be super easy to make any color your child wants!

DIY Cotton Candy Costume

Small no-sew chicken

This is so cute no-sew chicken costume From Fun at Home With the Kids. I love that there is no stitching and that you can make it any color you want. And it’s an outfit that will keep the little ones warm if you have a cold Halloween!

DIY chicken baby costume

tutu cat

How cute is that DIY Cat Tutu Costume By Are You Divas Yourself? The complete tutorial is quick and easy. I really like that the ears are clipped on instead of the headband, so it’s less tempting to pull off! And this tail is a wire hanger attached to a feathered snake – genius!

DIY Toddler Cat Costume

de clark kent

put this DIY Clark Kent costume From The Chirping Moms Together Faster Than Superman In The Phone Booth!! This is perhaps the easiest superhero costume – all you have to buy is a Superman shirt and a pair of fake glasses. The rest can likely be found in your little one’s closet! Get jeans, jeans, or black shoes and boots. Add a loose tie if you have one for even more fun!

DIY Clark Kent costume

crazy cat lady

The crazy cat lady Oh Happy Day is one of those fun costumes that makes people laugh! There is something so funny about little kids dressed up as old people. Throw a gray wig on your girl, decorate her bathrobe with the kitty kittens (sew them or hot glue them) and she can wear the pajamas she already owns! Smart and comfortable.

DIY crazy cat lady costume

Alice and the Queen of Hearts

Do you have a couple of young girls who want a trip to Wonderland? this is DIY Alice and the Queen of Hearts Costume From The Chirping Moms is easy to set up and perfect for two! Grab a deck of cards, some tape and scissors and get to work!

DIY Fashion Alice in Wonderland and Queen of Hearts

baby hedwig owl

This is insanely cute DIY owl costume From Make Life Lovely perfect for Harry Potter fans and owl lovers alike! If you are looking for couples fashion for your kids, Hedwig and Harry are perfect. For a fun family idea, the entire HP crew with baby Hedwig would be awesome!

Easy Baby Hedwig Owl Costume

even costume

this is DIY movie costume Shared by Auburn Soul Photography is perfection. Again, this device seems to rely mostly on the items in your child’s wardrobe, with the addition of a DIY “walker” made of PVC pipe. Beyond easy and wonderful!

DIY toddler costume

DIY peacock tutu

How cute is that DIY peacock costume?! The tutorial by Andrea’s Notebook looks really easy. Simply create a tulle skirt, feather felt, and add a matching t-shirt!

DIY Peacock Tutu Costume

baby firefighter

You know we love firefighters here! this is DIY Firefighter Costume From Crayon Box Chronicles is very clever! Your child can dress up in his or her own clothes but will look like a professional firefighter when you make the air tank and firefighter helmet! They can continue to play dress-up after Halloween and put out “fires” all year long.

DIY Firefighter Costume

wind dolls

this is DIY wind doll costume Falls into the category of genius in my book! She is beyond cute and very creative. Little J and K used the perfect Boden dresses and accessories along with a little lipstick to complete the look to make their girls look like little dolls!

DIY doll costume wind up

Little Garden Gnome

This is very Easy baby gnome park costume From Adventure-in-a-Box Perfect for a boy or girl, they just couldn’t be too cute! Talk about easy last minute fashion – it only took a half hour and some felt. They used their jacket, belt, and pants, and added big buttons to finish them off.

DIY baby gnome costume

dragon tails

How wonderful is this DIY Dragon Tails Who Runs With Scissors On Tatertots And Jello?! I bet kids will play with these dragon tails all year round! All it takes is fabric and some quick sewing to create these fun tails! They can also easily double as dinosaur tails for any dinosaur-obsessed child!

DIY dragon or dinosaur tails

nesting doll fashion

I seriously can’t beat this clever stuff DIY nesting doll costumes From the notebooks of Andrea. Very nice! This is actually a great option for twin girls because one is two inches longer than the other, but it’s also perfect for siblings of different ages, and even the whole family!

DIY Russian Nesting Dolls Costume

lego costumes

The DIY LEGO Costume From Lovely End, perfect for your child obsessed with Lego! You have to work on this a few days ahead of time, but it’s very easy. I also love a good cardboard box outfit – it’s a classic!

DIY LEGO Costume

Paint and palette brush

As someone who draws something and has a kid who loves to draw, I really like this DIY Paintbrush Costume From Dukes and Dukes! I used broom bristles and hot glue gun styrofoam to make this “straw hat” brush and it’s genius!

DIY Paint Brush & Palette Costume

colorful cartoon octopus

The Easy Cardboard Octopus Costume by Hi, looks great so simple it is so precious. You can customize the colors for your child and add gloves if you want his hand to blend in!

DIY octopus costume

butterfly wings

Lots of little girls are obsessed with butterflies (she sure had them) and would love this simple outfit. Put them in tight clothes and some leggings and throw them on these bewitching DIY monarch butterfly wings From Buggy and Buddy and you have a cool and simple outfit. This is the play to be played all year long!

DIY Butterfly Wings

chewing gum maker

This is so cute gumball machine costume From The Pretty Life Girls is easy to install and looks great. Perfect for the girl who loves color and whims but is beyond rainbows and unicorns (or at least thinks she has them)!

DIY gum ball machine costume

pineapple poncho

I can’t stand the cuteness of this DIY pineapple costume From Delia Creates! I especially love the lack of sewing required. This is perfect for the little guy who needs to stay comfortable in their costume because it’s basically just a cloak!

DIY pineapple costume

Lemonade and ice cream holder

creativity of these Fashion DIY lemonade and ice cream With love today it blows me away! It’s easy to customize and I feel like it’ll win every fashion contest.

DIY lemonade and ice cream stand

easy bat wings

this is DIY bat costume Buggy and Buddy are precious and very easy to make! Pair it with the butterfly above and you can have one for every Halloween!

DIY bat costume

Prince Charming costume

If sewing isn’t your thing but you have a gentleman on your hands, why not make this one Seamless Prince Charming Costume By his Desert Chica? This is great as a stand-alone outfit or for pairing up with a princess sister or girlfriend!

DIY Prince Charming Costume

Which DIY fashion ideas are your favourite? They are all so smart and cute I love that a lot of them are based on casual clothes or simple cuts. DIY Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive or complicated to be great. Get inspired with these fun ideas!

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