15 Darling Nursery Painting Ideas for a Calming Vibe

When you’re preparing a special space for your new baby, there are many nursery painting ideas beyond the traditional baby pink or light blue. These modern nursery painting ideas range from bold, and fun to calm and serene (including our picks for best neutral nursery paint colors).

You’ll also want to browse our gallery of 100+ wall painting ideas and read our best painting tips and tricks for DIYers.

Neutral Nursery With Painted Gray Vertical Shiplap Wall UV19 H26 Remodelaholic
gray shiplap wall nursery by Patterson Elite Builders

Selecting colors for a nursery is an exciting, yet sometimes confusing, part of preparing for a new baby. You must understand how infants see and distinguish paint color before launching a full-scale remodel of the spare room.

Bold Neutral Black White Gray Nursery Wallpaper Stencil UV18 H26 Remodelaholic
bold black and white nursery by Murdock Builders

Remember that infants can see large and bold patterns from birth but cannot differentiate between similar colors like red and orange or pastel shades. Not until they reach about eight months can babies see colors like adults and recognize objects across the room.

Creating A Neutral Color Palette For Your Nursery Design

To create a neutral color pattern that reflects the warmth and tenderness a new mother has for her infant, select beiges and creams to set the mood. Different shades of tans and browns or hues of griege and gray can make a nursery look soft and welcoming, yet adds a distinctively traditional feel.

Enhance some neutral palettes with patterns and artistic elements to give the nursery a modern feel. Softer shades are also believed to promote good health and prosperity in some areas.

Incorporate splashes of color by introducing muted shades on fabrics and artwork. Patterns can break up a monotonous neutral theme and can provide babies with visual stimulation as they grow.

Neutral Nursery Wall Paint With Colorful Decor UV16 H15 Remodelaholic
neutral nursery with bold patterns by Ivory Homes

To keep a neutral colored nursery from looking sterile, incorporate textures in neutral textiles such as curtains, blankets, rugs, and baskets or bins for toys. A limited color scheme makes what colors you do use pop.

Neutral Nursery Painted Walls Curtains Rug Animals SL18 H05 Remodelaholic
neutral nursery with animal art by Regal Homes

When choosing a neutral nursery paint color or a bold one, consider how the colors will flow with your whole home color scheme. You can use your chosen colors for textiles or furniture as well as for painting walls, trim, board and batten, or even the ceiling as an accent color.

Bold Colorful Nursery Ideas Decor Furniture UV15 H30 Remodelaholic
white and bright colors nursery by PureHaven Homes

Remember, though, there come many messes with your first baby, so colors should be steadfast and simple to clean. We recommend using an eggshell finish paint that’s easy to clean and durable.

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When you’ve chosen the perfect color (or several) — be sure to test it out before splurging for the gallon of paint!

Best Neutral Nursery Paint Colors

Choosing the best neutral nursery paint color for your room will depend greatly on the lighting in the nursery. Use a sample tester, a peel and stick paint swatch, or paint a sample poster board or large drywall square, then look at it in the various hours of the daylight as well as with your room lighting.

Neutral White Nursery With Trim Feature Wall UV17 H18 Remodelaholic
white neutral nursery by Millhaven Select Homes

For variety in trim, accent wall, or furniture paint colors in a neutral nursery (or any other room), use Cyndy’s trick here for choosing coordinating neutral colors and be sure to read 4 Ways to Make Neutrals Rock for more neutral decorating tips.

Modern Neutral Nursery For Twins 2 Babies SG19 H25 Remodelaholic
white shiplap nursery for twins by K Welch Homes

Classic Neutral Paint Colors for a Nursery

Click the paint color swatch to order a peel and stick sample, or the linked name to learn more about that color in our Paint Color Library.


This cool-toned soft blue-green is a beautiful neutral (and was the color of the year for reason!)

Neutral White Gray Nursery UV17 H09 Remodelahlic
neutral black and white nursery by Millhaven Homes

PALE OAK (Benjamin Moore)

This light griege neutral paint color is a beautiful fit for a nursery! Read more >

REPOSE GRAY (Sherwin-Williams)

No discussion of neutral paint colors could be complete without this go-to gray paint color that tops trending paint color lists while also being a timeless classic! See more new neutral paint color picks >

Neutral Nursery With Painted Gray Vertical Shiplap Wall UV19 H26 Remodelaholic
gray shiplap wall nursery by Patterson Elite Builders
Neutral Nursery Paint Colors

Using Bold Colors For The Perfect Nursery

When using bold colors in a nursery, don’t overdo it. While it may seem colorful and vibrant to adults, to a baby’s developing eyesight, the bright colors may be overstimulating.

Create large geometrical shapes on the accent wall against a contrasting shade. Also, use two different vibrant colors to paint different walls or sections of the wall.

Vertical stripes on the wall are fresh and exciting and can coordinate with several crib fabrics and linens available on the market. Keep the patterns simple, though, and avoid complicated or similar shades that go unnoticed or undesired by your infant.

Fun Nursery Painting Ideas Wallpaper Ceiling UV18 H16 Remodelaholic
blue wallpapered nursery ceiling by Arive Homes

Traditional Color Schemes

Traditional color schemes–dark blues for boys, pinks for girls, and yellows or greens for gender-neutral designs–are always popular amongst new parents who are tentative about selecting the colour scheme for the new nursery.

Yellow, lavender, and beige are also common color options and popular choices for a fairy tales nursery.

When selecting your color palette, remember that there are several ways to arrange these colors, from solid colors on the walls with designs introduced through fabric or solid monochromatic colors for a unified nursery theme.

Neutral Nursery Paint And Decor With Colors UV16 H06 Remodelaholic
neutral boys nursery by Summit Construction

The easiest way to begin is to collect pictures of nurseries from magazines or Internet sites to provide inspiration for nursery decor ideas you and your baby will love.

Modern Bold Nursery Colors And Wallpaper UV16 H20 Remodelaholic
bold wallpapered girls nursery by Edge Homes

Other Different Colors Ideas

You may wish to personalize the space for your child and infuse the infant with a sense of his family’s interests. Some fathers dream of their young children being the next star quarterback, and decorate the baby’s room in his favorite team colors.

A mother may want her baby girl to embrace her love of nature and may choose to use greens, browns, and natural materials to introduce this concept to her child.

Girls Pink Nursery With Wallpaper Stencil UV17 H15 Remodelaholic
pink floral girls nursery by Flagship Homes

When selecting nursery room colors, remember that the baby will grow quickly and so will her likes and dislikes, and you will most likely redesign the space in a few short years.

Your newborn baby deserves the best. One way to do something special for her is to put time and effort into creating a haven for her to live in. Personalize a baby nursery by painting the white walls.

Paint a mural, use wall decals or paint items and pictures on the walls. Unleash your creativity and have fun decorating your baby’s nursery. Here are some baby nursery paint ideas with a cohesive look.

A Garden With Soft Shades

Paint the walls of the entire room to look like a whimsical garden. Paint the walls a soft sage green to create the background for the images. Add flowers, rabbits, garden vegetables, and birds. Cute and fluffy rabbits in multiple colors and shades are adorable and will make even you smile each time you rock your baby to sleep.

Neutral Nursery Paint Colors With Pink Curtains And Jute Rug UV19 H18 Remodelaholic
neutral girls nursery by Forum Builders

Stars On Your Nursery Walls

Create a nursery that is reminiscent of the sky by decorating it with stars. Paint the walls a soft blues color. Paint stars onto the ceiling and walls, either all over the walls or as a border around the top, by using sponges shaped like stars and dipping them in paint. For an extra special touch, use glow-in-the-dark paint which will emit a soft glow as your little angels go to sleep in his crib.

Girls Nursery Neutral Paint And Stars SL18 H01 Remodelaholic
star nursery by Garbett Homes

Stencils Is One Of The Easiest Way To Decorate

There are many ways to use stencils and paint to decorate a nursery. Use them to stencil pictures of animals or cars. In addition, use the stencils to paint your baby’s name on the walls to personalize the nursery. Another novel idea is to stencil a favorite nursery rhyme on the wall. A simple tone-on-tone stencil like the polka dot wall below is easy using eggshell and gloss paint.

Gray And Cream Neutral Nursery With Subtle Stenciled Wall SL18 H14 Remodelaholic
stenciled nursery wall by Magleby Communities

Retro Flowers For You Bundle Of Joy

If you would like to create a nursery that is bright and cheery, paint the nursery with retro flowers using colors such as bright oranges, pinks, greens, and yellows. Paint large flowers on the wall. Paint the walls lavender or light yellow. Any bright color will work; just make sure it’s something other than what you use for the flowers so that they don’t blend in too much.

Neutral Nursery Paint With Bold Color Decor UV18 H20 Remodelaholic
bold floral nursery by Forum Builders

Neutral Nursery Ideas

Getting your nursery ready is an important step before you bring your baby home. A gender-neutral nursery is important if you want to be surprised by your baby’s gender or expect to have more children in the future.

Neutral Nursery White Outer Space Moon Theme UV15 H25 Remodelaholic
gender neutral space themed nursery by McEwan Custom Homes

Just because your nursery isn’t geared toward one gender or the other doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Neutral Nursery Paint Griege White Crib Animal Art UV18 H24 Remodelaholic
neutral nursery by Alair Homes

Soothing, Neutral Tones Is A Good Idea

Earth tones like beige, brown, and taupe can act as the base colors for your nursery. Then bring in splashes of other soft colors like pink, lilac, butter yellow, soft green, and periwinkle in a mural or border.

Green And Brown Neutral Nursery Ideas UV15 H14 Remodelaholic
earthy neutral nursery by Candlelight Homes

Bold Colors For A Whole Wall

Bright, bold colors work well in a gender-neutral nursery. Think of a bright canary yellow, ruby red, orange, lime green, or cornflower blue. To contrast with bold-colored walls and accessories, you may want to keep the furniture white or natural.

Primary Colors Are A Good Choice

The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Babies tend to recognize primary colors before other colors. Paint the walls white and the furniture a primary color for a big color impact. Or paint walls in primary colors and leave the furniture natural or paint it white.

Neutral Nursery Paint And Decor With Watercolor Animal Art UV18 H11 Remodelaholic
neutral nursery with large wall art by Concord Homes

Color Combinations In A Fun Way

Include a variety of color combinations. Paint two walls yellow and the remaining walls a soft brown or green. Other combinations include black and red, brown and blue, orange and green, and beige and light purple. You could also paint the walls with stripes in different color combinations.

Neutral Themes Are An Excellent Choice

If you want to decorate your baby’s nursery with a specific theme, there are plenty from which to choose. Disney characters are always a favorite, as are cartoon characters, animals, and characters from favorite storybooks, such as Dr. Seuss.

Neutral Theme Dr Seuss Nursery UV17 H18 Remodelaholic
Dr Seuss nursery by Hatfield Homes

You can also decorate the room with an ocean or beach theme, ladybugs and caterpillars, stripes and checks, or toile to stay in keeping with a neutral theme.

Neutral Tan And Brown Nursery Paint Insect Theme UV18 H21 Remodelaholic
neutral insect theme nursery by Forum Builders

More nursery decorating ideas

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