17 Ways To Decorate A Hallway

Don’t forget to make that hallway count. Get some great design impact even in those small passageway spaces with these beautiful ideas to decorate a hallway.

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75 Ways to Decorate a Hallway
GPH 2022; Builder Christensen Homes; Designer SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

75 Ideas for Hallway Decorating

We often pass over decorating a hallway in favor of decorating rooms, seeing them as a utilitarian part of the home: get me from here to there, hallway! But a nicely decorated hallway, like a great pair of boots, is the finishing touch that pulls an entire home (or outfit) together and really makes it sing.

Most of us don’t have wide hallways with lots of natural lighting that we see in magazines or on Pinterest, but even a narrow hallway can look great with some love and decor! Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate a hallway.

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This list is full of ideas for both existing hallways, idea for using closet space or wider hallways in new ways and also great ideas for new builds that you may want to consider when planning a new build.

No one wants a boring hallway…. Let’s fix this.

How to Decorate a Hallway

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here.

This post contains affiliate links. Learn more and read our full disclosure policy here.

Decorate a Hallway with Paint

I’m sure you’ve heard it before — paint is the cheapest way to update a space with the biggest impact. This is true from the largest ballroom down to the narrowest hallway. Paint the hall a light color to help it feel wider and brighter, especially if you lack natural light. I always favor a nice thick carved molding in a crisp white to help emphasize the architectural elements of the doorways (and windows), but whatever style and color of trim you prefer will have the same effect.

If you want a little more *pop* from your paint, try one of the 100 interior painting ideas we’ve collected, or one of these hallway ideas:

1. Paint the Door

Painting the doors in your hallway a fun color can really make a big impact without a huge effort.  And because the doors are a small feature you can really add a fun pop of color that would be easy to change when you feel like it.

2. Stencil a Fun Design in the Hall

There are tons of great stencil ideas that you could consider for a small hallway.  If you don’t want to go to the expense of wallpaper, this is a great option to consider to decorate a hallway, and the cool part is it is hand painted!

3. Tone-On-Tone Stencil

Stencils can be nice for a small impact that adds great texture to your space.  Consider using the same color, or a very similar color in different paint sheens, for texture without a lot of color.  Keeping it neutral is a great way to add that texture without the space being to loud.

4. Give the Illusion of Wainscoting with a Crisp Top-and-Bottom Two-Tone Paint

Adding wainscot is a great idea, but if you feel you lack the skills to build it or want an easy version —  Try painting it on!  Easy as that.  This wainscoting look is so striking because the contrast in colors, you don’t even need moldings! This is especially great for narrow space constraints since it adds no bulk.

5. Painted Stripes

This is a pretty bold design feature to decorate a hallway. But because this is just a paint treatment, it is a great for narrow hallway ideas, the pattern on the wall gives plenty of interest, without needing to take up any extra space that photos and furniture might take. 

6. Accent Wall

If you have an end to your hall it is great place to emphasize and draw some attention by creating an accent wall focal point. Painting the wall in a contrasting color like photo above really makes this space pop!

7. Accent Stripe From Ceiling to Wall

This narrow hallway is stunning in its simplicity, and yet, it’s not simple at all. Taking the contrasting midnight blue stripe of color all the way down the hall ceiling and then the end door and wall is fantastic.

How to Decorate a Hallway: picture frame molding, picture lights, and art
Home Built by Christensen Homes; Designed by SC Design Shoppe and Susan Christensen;  Photograph © Remodelaholic

8. Moody Dark Corridor

While light colors tend to help a hallway feel bright and open, don’t discount the moody ambiance of a dark painted hallway.  Especially with beautiful accent lighting!  The great news is they have options available for lighting that is battery operated.  So if you don’t have the know how or time to wire new lights consider the art lighting that is battery operated and controlled by remote. 

Decorate a Hallway with Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come such a long way. I’ve always sort of liked it but never been brave enough to put it up, because the whole paste thing scared me away. But now that you can get peel and stick and use it for as long or short a time as you want, I’m a true believer. The variety of patterns and styles make wallpaper a great way to decorate a hallway.

9. Wallpaper Pops!

With all the advances in the ease of installing wallpaper, it is a new favorite. Design styles are endless and the results will be stunning. This hall has a romantic, calming feeling with great detail because of the wallpaper pattern.

10. Striking Wallpaper Design

The design of this space is so striking, it is one of my favorite designs of the whole round up. The arrows create such a strong sense of design urgency for your eye to follow and the bright red chair at the end of the hall just demands attention. Without the simple graphic print from the wallpaper, this space would be much less exciting, even with that awesome chair.

Add Architectural Interest to Decorate a Hallway

A great way to add character and interest to your hallway (or stairway) without adding the bulk of a shelf or wall hanging is to install wainscoting. We are big fans of wall treatments! Check out our round-up of more than 25 different styles of wainscoting to find a style you love. And if wainscoting is more than you want to take on, try adding a simple (faux) archway using premade wood corbels or by DIYing your own doorway corbels.

11. Board and Batten Hall

This hallway now has the most beautiful architectural detail.  Adding the moldings to your hallway walls really adds interest without having to hang anything on the wall.  This is a great option for a small hallway to avoid the space feeling like it is too tight, or have things knocked off the wall when too people pass each other.

12. Hallway Architectural Corbels and Light

The gallery wall in this hall is gorgeous, but the corbels on the ceiling are a great trick to lift the eye.  The beautifully centered pendant light framed by the corbels is a stunning focal point, it really make this hallway feel special.  Adding this particular architectural detail to decorate a hallway makes it feel as if you have arrived to a special location, and the art invites people to stop and enjoy the space not just speed through!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Curved Ceiling with Wood Accent
SGPH 2023; Built by American Heritage Homes; Design by House West Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

13. Wood Accent

This incredible walnut archway was a show stopping feature in this hallway between the entry to the kitchen. This space could have easily not even have been considered, but this attention to detail made for a show stopping transitional space.

Since most of us don’t have arched hallways, you can easily extend this wood beam doorway DIY to fit your passageway.

How to Decorate a Hallway Mudroom Zone
SGPH 2021 Home Built by Jensen and Sons Construction Inc. Designed by Nichole Lynne Design Photograph ©Remodelaholic

14. Vertical Wood Slat Wall Detail

This hallway mudroom is a great use of the space for corralling stuff in your home, but the best part is the vertical wood slat detailing behind this bench. I think I’d never hang anything on the hooks to make sure it never got covered.

How to Decorate a Hallway and Hide a Barn Door
UVPH 2021; Home Built by Davies Design Build Design by Designer Inouye design Photograph ©Remodelaholic

15. Modern Wood Shiplap

We’ve all seen lots of shiplap over the years, and I like the texture it adds to walls. This modern shiplap look is great for a manly space, someone who loves wood and likes those black details. I especially love how the sliding barn door, literally disappears right into the wall.

How to Decorate a Hallway - Grid Wall
Built by Interstate homes 2021 Saint George Parade of Homes; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

16. Add Depth with a Wall Grid Design

This hallway is a great example of using architectural detail to decorate a hallway with great effect.  The colors are the same, the trim is the same, but you know you are in a different space and it is interesting without being too busy.  Seeing the hallway from the living space also adds depth to the space the way the detail clearly defines it as another space. 

Decorate a Hallway Art Gallery

A hall can be a great place to display a personal collection of art and photos that is meaningful to your family.  It’s funny that these personal art pieces can really make the space feel like home.  You are the ones who will see it most often, but guests will appreciate the personal touch, too. You can use photos, art pieces you love, or DIY art to decorate a hallway. Try one of these styles for displaying your collection:

17. Hall of Large Art or Maps

I love the soothing hues of blue in the space from the wall color to the maps.  The same shades of color in the art as the paint color on the walls, really pulls things together.  Adding artwork that is meaningful to you, really helps to add to the comfort of your spaces.

18. Hallway Family Gallery Photo Ledge

There is almost nothing in the world (well the world of home décor) that brings me as much joy as seeing precious moments from my family’s journey on my wall.  From those cherubic little babies cheeks, family vacations and life events that remind you how far you’ve come.

I love the look of these layered images on the photo ledges, that give depth to your display. But also notice how great the little wall sconces look to light the space and add visual interest.

19. Horizontal Line Gallery of Frames

This may just be a gallery wall, but by adding a horizontal line through the center of the gallery it  somehow ground the grouping and your eye can follow the line as you look though the pictures.

How to Decorate a Hallway: One Large Wall Decor Hanging
Home Built by Jensen and Sons Construction, Design Juniper Design Collective, Janel Jensen Photo by Remodelaholic

20. One Large Scale Piece of Art

Try going for that wow factor with a large scale print or work of art.  Something striking like this picture would totally do the trick.  No need for a busy gallery if you have a truly stunning piece to display.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Basket Wall Decor
SGPH 2023; Home built by J2 Construction; Home Design by Gulch Design Group Matt Marten and Teresa Jacobsen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

21. Collection Display

Create a collection of found items you think are beautiful or that have a significant meaning to you. This could be a collection you look for while on vacation. Not pictured here, but my world traveling sister has an incredible collection of hand carved masks from hundreds of different cultures! Some are pretty and some are terrifying, but together, they create such a unique collection and are a great conversation starter to decorate a hallway in your entry.

22. Pin Collection: Disney Pins

I admit that we are a little crazy about Disney… and while the love is waning a bit lately (the crowds, wait times, and costs are out of control), we do have a great collection of Disney pins, that we love to add to. We had a small hallway in our last home that we hung these affordable corkboards up and separated our collection by themes. Made me happy every time I walked by them. If you love it, put it where you can see it. It is your house after all, and it will bring you joy.

Make It Functional

Especially if your hall is near an entryway, you might appreciate adding some utility to the hall, such as a mudroom, drop zone, or command center. Even something as simple as a few coat hooks can make a world of difference when you decorate a hallway!

23. Hallway Family Command Center

When there is a family in the house, and a lot going on, there are can be a need to create a command center.  A centralized center for all things schedules, mail and school bags!   Use that wall space in a hallway to your advantage.

Adding a couple organizational accessories- chalkboard, calendar, mail sorter, gives the hallway a purpose.  It claims an unused space from just a corridor to commend central and makes it serve a function!  Get that hallway working for you!

24. Hall Into Organized Mudroom with Bench

When a hallway is a larger space and has a little more width, it might be a a good time to take advantage of the floor space and make a mini mudroom.  Adding a few hooks for bags, cabinets for storage and a bench with some storage baskets to corral those shoes, is a great way to keep the other spaces in your house clean too!

25. Leaning Ladder Storage

A small ladder or a tall ladder is a great way to add some function and interest to your hallway.  You can lean it against the wall or attach it to the wall.  This picture may show storing shoes (with a heel) but other things you can hang on a ladder to store are blankets (see below), jackets, scarves, sweaters, and a hook or two and you can hang hats or shoes with laces too.

Read: How to Decorate a Wooden Ladder and 12 Ways to Use a Ladder as Storage

How to Decorate a Hallway: Blanket Ladder Storage
UVPH 2021 Home built by Utah Professional Women in Building; Design Allison Campbell Design Photograph ©Remodelaholic

26. Vertical Ladder on Wall

This ladder option is a great way to layer in some storage when you decorate a hallway without a huge footprint of space.  And an interesting finish on the wall like this shiplap adds interest without being busy.

27. Narrow Shoe Shelf in the Entry Hall

Sara found this vintage mail sorter at a local antique mall and it makes a beautiful shoe shelf!

Build your own tall narrow shoe cubby shelf like this with our DIY woodworking plans here.

Creating a Room in the Hall

With so many people working from home, it isn’t always possible to have a dedicated office.   But could you create a little hallway nook in a small space? These small office spaces are proof that you can!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Ledge Desk
SGPH 2021; J2 Construction LLC ; Home Designers Matt Marten and Teresa Jacobsen Photograph ©Remodelaholic

27. Ledge Desk

This desk can be an entry drop of location, or if you pull up a chair it could function as a great place to work or have kids do homework or craft.

UVPH 2021 Home 26 Heritage Custom Homes Designer Erin Hansen Design (4)
UVPH 2021 Home Built by: Heritage Custom Homes Designer Erin Hansen Design Photograph ©Remodelaholic

28. Add a Desk

Built in or freestanding this is a great option. This hallway entry had a full blown command center desk. This is a great place to control the mail coming into the house, and calendar for a family.

How to Decorate a Hallway Desk
UVPH 2021; Home built by Jensen MM Homes and Pools Designer: Allison Campbell Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

29. Study Spot

This tiny nook is the perfect little study spot. The wallpaper accent on the back wall is cute and very low key! If you are short on space consider using a hall closet in this way, by removing the door and adding a desk and shelves.

30. How to Carve Out a Nook:

In our last house there was no room for an entry table. But we had things to corral, gloves, scarves, shoes, backpacks. So, we borrowed about 8 inches from the bedroom closet that was behind the wall adjacent to the door.   

We replaced the built in closet with a pax system from Ikea, which was less deep than the existing closet. However to capture a bit more space, we pushed the built in closet into the bedroom about two inches. Behind the unit, where the wall between the rooms used to be, instead of building a normal 4.5 inch thick wall, we added a couple solid 4x8x3/4 inch thick plywood boards to the built in closet system and then shiplap on top of that.

This was not a load bearing wall, I want to be very clear about that, or construction would have been different, but I wanted to add this information because with small tweaks a lot can be accomplished in these small spaces.

Built In Hallway Storage Solutions

This may be a personal favorite feature in homes, I love to have things built in. Here are some great options for storage in your hallways. And remember if you don’t have a ton of space in your hallway, existing linen closets or coat closets might be able to be tweaked to get a more eye pleasing use from those spaces.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Lockers
UVPH 2021 Home Built by Blake Miller Homes Designer Inouye Design Photograph ©Remodelaholic

31. Lockers

For all the things we collect at doorways like jackets, scarves, umbrellas and purses, why not add some built in lockers. This works well in a wider hallway, but you don’t have to custom build these babies. A simple bookcase with an added face frame, or predrilled shelf melamine, makes for quick construction on a budget and only needs about 12″ of space.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Shelves and Mudroom Bench
SGPH 2021; Home Built by Madsen Homes; Interior Design by The Studio Interior Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

32. Simple Open Shelving

This particular example is a great option for beginning builders to decorate a hallway with simple shelves. Not all built ins need to have doors, or even face frames on the cabinets. This option looks great, is functional, and not really complicated to build.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Modern Corner Shelves
SGPH 2021; Home Built by Slate Ridge; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

33. Corner Book Shelf

This project is so inspiring. I think it is creative and beautiful and if you have a woodworker or enthusiast in the family, I’d have them give this building project a try!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Mudroom Bench and Storage
SGPH 2021; Home Built by Xcellent Homes LLC; designed by Huga Homes Design, Megan Hunter; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

34. Built in Bench Storage

Technically I’d consider this hallway a mudroom space, but if you have a coat or linen closet near an entry door in your hall you might be able to take out the doors and reconfigure it to a built in space like this.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Arched Nook Seating
SGPH 2022; Home Built by Circle A Builders; Design Circle A Builders, Margaret Anderson; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

35. Arched Nook Seating

I love how this feature is right at the end of the hallway, not only is it a beautiful feature and focal point, it is also functional. I think the arched nook is also such a great design feature that is popular right now and would be fun to add to any existing nook you may have. And the corrugated wall treatment is really interesting to decorate a hallway nook! I haven’t seen it done like this before and I love it.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Corner Mudroom Storage
SGPH 2022; Home Built By Adams & Company; Designed by Adams & Company, Aaron Adams and The Studio Interior Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

36. Use That Tiny Corner

This is the perfect example of really using that space smartly when you decorate a hallway. This tiny corner in this small hallway, is now a welcoming mudroom bench. Beautiful built in cabinetry and functional storage space. This is a good example of what could be done with a small closet transformation!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Mudroom Lockers
SGPH 2022; Built by Christensen Homes; Designed by SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

37. Add Color to Built Ins

These built in hallway lockers are stunning. The door details (both the cutouts and texture below) while so simple is perfectly done. The color is fantastic too!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Narrow Shelves
SGPH 2022; Home Built by Diamond B Builders; Design by Cedar and Sage Interiors, Kniesha Carter and Shelly Feuerstein; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

38. Shelves and Hamper Collection

This open shelving unit is interesting. Also a great place to collect family laundry. I think this idea could be really interesting and is a simple build, therefore pretty accessible as you are beginning to decorate a hallway on a budget.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Linen Closet Display
SGPH 2023 house 4Built by Split Rock; designed by Becki Owens Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

39. Glass Door Linen Closet

For those that keep their linen closets beautifully organized these glass doors, might be the perfect way to show off your skill but keep everything from ever getting dusty.

How to Decorate a Hallway and Add Storage Dresser
SGPH 2023; Home built by Christensen Homes; Design by SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

40. Built-in Dresser Nook

I love this idea because it could easily be an upcycle project. Check out your local selling platform find an awesome dresser and build it into a hallway nook to decorate a hallway *and* add storage!

How to Decorate a Hallway
SGPH 2023; Home built by Christensen Homes; Design by SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

41. Large Wardrobe Built ins

This hall was substantial… but also, it was a place of it’s very own. This gorgeous furniture featured in the middle of two large built in wardrobes. I’d like the space in my hallway for this kind of grandeur. I do understand that this idea might be more doable in a new build… but come on. This is just a beautiful way to decorate a hallway!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Floating Shelves and Vertical Plank Shiplap
Photograph ©Remodelaholic

42. Shallow Shelves Nook

There may only be décor on these current shelves, but add some cute storage boxes and you have both a functional and cute space you can enjoy.

Hallway Bench Seating Ideas

If you can spare a little bit of space, you can add seating as you decorate a hallway, too!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Reading Nook
UVPH 2021; Home built by Regent Custom Homes; Designed by Olsen Homes Interior Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

43. Book Reading Nook

This inviting bench built just under a window is the perfect hallway hideaway for the book lover in your family!

SGPH 2023 House 4 Split Rock Becki Owens Design (170)
SGPH 2023; Home built by Split Rock; Design by Becki Owens Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

44. Arched Entry Bench Nook

This space is so simple and the hallway is almost narrow, but they were still bale to add this beautiful built in bench and hooks and shelf. Of course the arched detail above is also a favorite.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Chevron Detail Shiplap Bench Mudroom
UVPH 2021 Home built by Symphony Homes; Designer Mountain West Interiors Photograph ©Remodelaholic

45. Chevron Detail Shiplap Bench

This is actually a simple build, with a paint to finish, great for a beginner DIY enthusiast. I love the simple chevron detail and the storage!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Wood Bench with Vertical Slats
UVPH 2021; Home Built by Aesthete Dwellings; Designed by Inouye Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

46. Wood Bench with Vertical Slats

This modern bench option is simple and beautiful. I love the wall detail too!

How to Decorate a Hallway: End of Hall Bench
SGPH 2023; Home Built by S&S Homes; Designed by Luxe Home Staging and Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

47. End of Hall Bench Built in

This extra foot of space at the end of this hall becomes the perfect drop off zone, with a small built in bench and storage baskets underneath. (This tiny bench is next to the exit of the house going out to a pool- so perfect for dropping stuff off before heading out to swim!)

A bench like this a really great and easy way to decorate a hallway at the end.

Hallway Shelves and Bookcases

I love how a hall can be a great place for books (probably because I love collecting books!) But to me this is the definition of beauty and organization, while making the hall a destination in itself. Decorate a hallway with bookcases and shelves for a library or storage space.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Library Built-In Bookshelves
SGPH 2023; Home built by Christensen Homes; Design by SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

48. Library Hallway

If you are a reader, and don’t have your own personal library, why not make a library of sorts in your hallway.  These beautiful bookcases, while only sporting decor at the moment would make a great library space.

49. Hallway Balcony Lined with Bookshelves

Take advantage of the empty space with beautiful built-ins! They provide tons of storage and are beautiful to look at. Love this and want a DIY project o get a similar look?

How to Decorate a Hallway: Built-in Shelves Around a Door
UVPH 2021 Home 21 – Built by Davies Design Build – Designer Inouye Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

50. Book Cubbies Wall

This is a wall at the end of a staircase so not technically a hallway, but I love the interesting nooks and think this would make a great hallway built in. My only change would be making the door and trim the same color as the built in unit. What do you think?

Hallway Nooks for Reading

These spaces are technically off the hallway, but I had to include them, because I love them! I would love to decorate a hallway with an extra reading nook to the side.

How to Decorate a Hallway Reading Nook
SGPH 2023; Home Built by Split Rock; Design by Becki Owens Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

51. and 51b. Under The Stairs Nook

I realize both of these particular nooks are off a hallway to the side and probably should be included as their own special list, but incase your hall happens to pass by the space under the stairs, this is a great option for including a nook in your hallway and I just wanted the idea to be available.

SGPH 2023 House 7 Christensen Homes SC Design Shoppe Susan Christensen (174)
SGPH 2023; Home built by Christensen Homes; Design by SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

Don’t Forget to Dress the Floor

Never forget the power of a great rug! A nice hall runner will draw attention to the floor and emphasize the length of the hall, making it an inexpensive and renter-friendly way to decorate a hallway.

52. Carpet Square Zig-Zag Hall Runner

This modular solution for carpet tiles is a great way to add visual interest, but also a custom solution for a space that might not be available in a retail store ready to buy.  Let’s also just take a moment to notice the amazing coat rack dress form… (well, I guess I’m not 100% sure that is what it is for, but that’s what I’m gonna use it for!)

53. Hallway Runner

This small featured table art and accessories creates a moment at the end of this hallway.  It gives you a destination to look at while walking down the hall.  It adds personality to a space that could be very boring without it.

Decorate a Hallway with Lighting

A beautiful light fixture will draw attention up, in addition to adding some extra illumination to the hall. And an end table or console table lets you add homey touches like lamps, vases and books to decorate a hallway.

See our favorite light fixtures:

SGPH 2021 Home 06 BR Homes Designer BR Homes, Nicole Baker (7)
SGPH 2021 Built by BR Homes; design BR Homes, Nichole Baker; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

54. Repeated Light Fixtures

This hall is simple yet beautiful with the repeated light fixture and a small Gothic vault ceiling detail (which you may notice a little more in the image below) A really beautiful detail that comes across as simple but I’m sure the drywaller doesn’t feel that way!

SGPH 2022 Home 05 Builder Christensen Homes Designer SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christense (135)
GPH 2022; Builder Christensen Homes; Designer SC Design Shoppe, Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

55. Gothic Vault Ceiling

This hallway might be big enough to house my entire house, but I’m here for it. Every single thing about this image is beautiful. From the contrasting black and white, the gothic vault ceiling detail, the beautiful pendant lights, repeated down the hall, the flooring detail also repeated at every gorgeous French door, also repeated… I’m sensing a theme here.

This space appears to be very simple and elegant. But is it simple? No, it is just calm somehow.

How to Decorate a Hallway Pendant Lights and Tray Ceiling
SGPH 2023; Home built by RL Wyman Design & Create; Design by House West Design Photograph ©Remodelaholic

56. Small Tray Ceiling Detail

Simple but beautiful detail to decorate a hallway – rather than crown molding, a flat molding on the ceiling creates a tray ceiling in the hall. And again the theme of repeating a light makes this space come together.

57. Lights Framed in Arches

The architectural detailing of this hall is on point! Everything about it is perfection. The view from this spot makes all the planning worth it. I love how this long hall feels special and interesting. What a great way to create am incredible view in your home, by layering arches with lighting.

Decorate a Hallway with Ceiling Details

Look UP to make your hallway more interesting! Decorate a hallway ceiling to add style without taking up precious floor space.

58. DIY Pallet Ceiling

This DIY wood accent ceiling was inexpensively made from pallets and it makes this entryway ceiling seem even taller while adding interest to the entire space.

UVPH 2021 Home 23 Robinson Home Builders Designer Hebdon Studios (5)
UVPH 2021; Home Built by Robinson Home Builders; Design by Hebdon Studios; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

58. Skylights

This is a detail that may need to be considered when building, but they also have those cool light tubes you could consider adding to an existing home. As a lover of daylight, this just makes my heart happy.

SGPH 2021 Home 04 Richardson Brothers Custom Homes Designer BLVD Home, Lara Penrod Smi (45)
SGPH 2021 Home 04 – Richardson Brothers Custom Homes – Designer BLVD Home, Lara Penrod Smith; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

59. Interior Trellis

This idea is so interesting. A ceiling feature from another room, continued into a hallway space. It is open, yet it sort of contains the space in the hallway and I am intrigued by it.

SGPH 2023 House 5 RL Wyman Design & Create House West Design (13)
SGPH 2023 House 5; Home Built by RL Wyman Design & Create – Interior design by House West Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

60. Modern Beams

These modern beams on the ceiling make this wide tall hallway even more interesting and brings your eye up in the space.

UVPH 2021 Home 03 R.C. Dent Construction Designer Curtis Design Group (24)
UVPH 2021; Home Built by RS Dent Construction; design by Curtis design Group; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

61. Beam and Shiplap Ceiling

This ceiling is rather low and the hall is very long , but the ceiling detail keeps the space interesting. A great way to decorate a hallway ceiling.

UVPH 2021 Home 04 Valor Homes Designer Osmond Design 36
UVPH 2021 Home built by Valor Homes; Design by Valor Homes Photograph ©Remodelaholic

62. Arched Ceiling Detail

This arched ceiling is such a beautiful detail mirrored in the book shelves. It makes me want to venture down this hall just because it feels so special. The planks running along the ceiling elongate the hallway space, too.

Add an Interesting Piece of Furniture

Depending on where the hall lives in your home.  Sometimes you really need a piece of furniture for function as well as aesthetic.  Because a hallway isn’t necessarily the place you are going to hang out and live the furniture you choose can just be there for interest and doesn’t always have to just be functional.

Although I must admit I am definitely a from follows function girl.  I need my spaces to work for me not against me.

63. Console Table in the Hall

This console table in the small space of this tiny nook, on the side of the hall is a great place to add a table lamp for that soft warm glow.  That warm, soft light from the lamp, gives you that cozy feel. It has such a welcoming vibe, and the light colors keeps it calming.

How to Decorate a Hallway: Storage
SGPH 2023; Home Built by Christensen Homes; Design by SC Design Shoppe Susan Christensen; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

64. Storage in Front of Window

I like this option because I think or normal reaction would be not to add a piece of furniture in front of a window. Especially since this particular piece is higher than the window sill. But this works and it makes the space feel important, in a really simple way.

Adding furniture like this is a great option for those of you that don’t want to build something. And for budget conscious shoppers, you can find a great used pieces on local marketplace websites easily!

SGPH 2023 House 27 Cedar Pointe Homes Bebbie Barsh Ember (18)
SGPH 2023; House 27; Built by Cedar Pointe Homes – Designed by Debbie Barsh-Ember; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

65. Buffet-style Piece

Using what might have been a hallway closet as a great place for a small buffet style piece of furniture creates a little moment in your hallway. Beautiful and yet still functional.

Hallway Built-in or Free Standing Benches

A hallway can be elevated for use and function with the simple addition of a bench. This solution can be both built in and customized or as simple and finding and placing a store bought bench. Don’t overthink it. It might be a good option to try out some thing small and see how you like it before going totally custom.

SGPH 2023 House 26 Split Rock Becki Owens Design Milkbird Design (51)
SGPH 2023 House 26 – Built by Split Rock – Designers – Becki Owens Design – Milkbird Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

66. Freestanding Bench

This incredible home was large and luxurious. This little hallway was just a pass through space, but adding this small bench with a painting and some pillows helps it feel not forgotten- but actually highlighted. This is a great option especially for those who don’t feel up to the task of DIY-ing something handmade. This is all ready made, buy it, set it, done!

How to Decorate a Hallway: Bench and Neon Sign
SGPH 2023; house 27; Cedar Pointe Homes – Debbie Barsh-Ember; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

67. Photo Op Backdrop

Create a fun photo op spot for your and your visitors. I love the lighted sign and interesting bench. Change it up with pillows or silly props and collect pictures over the years from this fun spot with all your friends and family! Its like a grow chart, but actually a photo chart of growing up!

SGPH 2023 House 24 Ence Homes Amanda Phelps Designer Furniture Gallery Shirece Tobler (23)
SGPH 2023; House 24; Built by Ence Homes – Designed by Amanda Phelps – Designer Furniture Gallery, Shirece Tobler; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

68. Unused Corner

This awkward hallway corner is the perfect space to reclaim and create a mudroom along the hallway out of the house. leaving it open to the hall instead of enclosing it into a closet means you have more open feeling space and a great little destination for shoes, coats and bags.

UVPH 2021 Home 17 Ivory Homes Designer Not Available (36)
UVPH 2021 Home 17 – Design and Build by Ivory Homes;
Photograph ©Remodelaholic

69. Narrow Hall, Simple Ledge Bench

This hallway is simple yet so pleasant. just adding that ledge bench creates a new space out of this narrow hall.

Best Hallway Decor Ideas

if you love to decorate then these fun ideas should be right up your alley!

70. Make it a Destination

I know this is decorated for Christmas, but the very best part about this hallway is the way Tasha created apartment doors for here daughters.  The end of this hall is a destination in itself.  What a fun imaginative idea. You must check out the before and after.  I love it so much!

71. Colorful Wall Mural

This magical mural is such an amazing focal point. And the beauty is, the painting adds depth and interest without taking up any extra space. You should also check out her instagram account which is so inspiring if you are a lover of color!

How to Decorate a Hallway - mirrors
SGPH 2021 Home 10; Built by Xcellent Homes LLC; Designer Huga Home design, Megan Hunter; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

72. Stacked Horizontal Mirrors

These mirrors are a beautiful artistic piece but functional as well. I love how the whole space is framed in some columns (or pilasters).

How to Decorate a Hallway - Mirrors over Dresser Buffet Console Table
SGPH 2023 house 10; Design and build by Alcoa Construction and Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

73. Mirrors Side by Side

This set of two mirrors side by side ads interest with some beautiful decor on a dresser that functions to catch things when you enter in and out of the space.

How to Decorate a Hallway - Round Mirror and Console Table
SGPH 2023 house 26; Built by Split Rock; Designers Becki Owens Design – Milkbird Design; Photograph ©Remodelaholic

74. Round Mirror

The classic round mirror always works well in any space. The beauty of adding a mirror to a narrow hall, is that it helps to create the illusion of space.   It bounces light around in spaces that can otherwise often feel dark.

75. Narrow Hall Shelf

This tiny ledge has all the function you need in a narrow hall. I love how simple and elegant it is.

Questions and Answers:

Q. How can I make my Hallway Look Good?

From boring to beautiful is absolutely possible just ask yourself these question to get your mind working out the space you have.

  1. Does this space need to function in anyway, a pass through, a command center, a mudroom. What needs do you have?
  2. Start by experimenting with color. Do you want to add color to the space? What other colors are you working with in your home, could you bring in 2-3 of those colors to help tie everything together?
  3. Consider textures, how can you add interesting texture to your space? Would an architectural detail addition help? A wall treatment like board and batten or vertical slat wood help give interest to an otherwise boring space?
  4. Would an interesting pattern work in this space? What about wallpaper, stencils, could that go above a wall treatment, or from floor to ceiling.
  5. Are there any nooks or closets that could be opened up to incorporate the space into an exciting focal point for the hallway? or even an open end wall to add narrow shelves too?
  6. Is there space for a small piece of furniture or bench?
  7. Do you need storage space in the hall? What stylish storage solutions could work? A coat rack, umbrella stand, or console table. if the space is narrow what about a 3″ ledge shelf and mirror with a row of hooks?
  8. How can you add artwork to the space, would a single focal point or a gallery wall fit into this space.
  9. What is on the ceiling. Could you paint or add molding or detail to an otherwise forgotten hallway feature?
  10. What is the lighting like? Could simply repeating a light fixture on the ceiling 2 times make the space more interesting? Do you have the height for 2 pendant lights? How about adding a lamp for soft comfortable lighting on a console table.
Q. What Colors make a hallway look Bigger?

If you want your hall to look or appear wider consider using a brighter neutral color. One of these modern neutral paint colors or a classic light neutral like SW Silver Strand, BM Pale Oak, or BM Coventry Gray is a good option.

A light, bright paint color will help the space to not feel confined. We don’t want it to appear like a tunnel (unless that is your goal!)

You can also add a mirror, and use lines that emphasize the length of the hall — a runner rug, horizontal shiplap, etc.

Q. How do I make a hallway look more expensive?

Consider including architectural details. Such as molding or other built in features. An beautiful rug runner down the hall and high-end style lighting will make your hallway look glamorous and elegant.


For more creative hallway ideas, check out these:

75 Ways To Decorate A Hallway Remodelaholic

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