47 Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas You’ll Love

If you’ve been remodeling your kitchen with a farmhouse-inspired design, you’ve come to the perfect place! We have plenty of modern farmhouse kitchen ideas that combine the charm of a traditional farmhouse kitchen with modern design.

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While there are a lot of specific elements you can incorporate to create a modern farmhouse style kitchen, the overall feel should be simple and understated. This is the whole appeal of farmhouse style.

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You’ll want to create a rustic look but also mix in your elements of modern style for the perfect balance. For example, you can use dark wood or wrought iron details while installing stainless steel appliances or a modern metal farm front sink to get the modern look you’re going for.

Farmhouse style kitchens must offer plenty of cooking space because they were traditionally used to prepare large meals. While you want to create a beautiful kitchen, you also want it to be a practical space with modern sensibilities.

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If you have a small kitchen, you may not want to incorporate a table into the small space, but instead have a separate dining area. But if your kitchen is large enough, then a large dining table including it is perfect.

However you choose to approach your kitchen upgrade, you can rest assured that modern farmhouse style is timeless. Check out these tips to elevate both your cooking and entertaining experience by creating your own modern farmhouse kitchen.

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Wooden beams and ceilings

Exposed wood beams are one of the best ways to channel that farmhouse feel. Try using dark woods to create the most rustic aesthetic and add warmth to a room.

You can find reclaimed wood if you want to use natural materials; You can too Buy faux packets to create the look.

For a modern farmhouse kitchen that relies on more modern white wood beams (On the shiplap roof too!) add texture and style.

Click through the gallery below to see more wood beams and ceiling ideas for modern farmhouse kitchens.

DIY wood beam and ceiling tutorials

open shelving

Open shelving is a hallmark of modern farmhouse design and helps open up small spaces when they’re kept tidy. The best way to keep your kitchen wall shelf looking nice is to use it for things you actually use regularly, not just things that gather dust.

White plates and dishes every day It will look great, and you can add cups or other drinking utensils that you use regularly. You can also include files Kitchen staples and baking supplies in clear containersor two of your favorite cookbooks or a plant or Bowl for fruit, mail, or odds and ends.

Click through the gallery below to see some beautiful open shelving and decor in modern farmhouse kitchens.

White subway tiles

There are few other features in the décor that are simultaneously labeled as modern and timeless, however Subway tiles She is just that. Not only does it give your space a fresh look, but it’s also easy to clean.

Add extra visual interest when installing white subway tiles By laying out the tiles in a different pattern or using a contrasting color such as dark grey.

Click through the gallery below to see more examples of backsplash subway tiles in modern farmhouse kitchens.


For a fresh, clean look in your modern farmhouse kitchen, try using wood, soapstone, or marble countertops. Choose shades that accentuate the rest of your kitchen décor—white quartz countertops are another top-notch option.

Click the photo gallery below to see the most beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen counters.

Budget-friendly countertop ideas

Wooden floor

Just like ceiling beams, and sometimes countertops, wood floors work best with farmhouse kitchen floors. Unlike many other materials used for remodels or upgrades, imperfections are welcome here—natural knots and scratches work well on wood floors in this style.

Click through the gallery below to see examples of modern farmhouse kitchens with wood floors.

Wood flooring choices and lessons

light fixtures

When it comes to kitchens, warm white lights generally provide a more appealing aesthetic. Some will recommend flush fixtures while others will prefer candlesticks in certain scenarios.

While all of those will work, pendant lights (or pendant lights) are most common in farmhouse kitchen styles and definitely channel that rustic charm. Lights like this one, hanging from a chain or from a wire suspended from the ceiling, are the best setup if your ceiling height allows—if you can’t do it all around the kitchen, consider installing them on a large island.

Click the gallery below to see a variety of modern farmhouse kitchen pendant light ideas.

DIY pendant lights and chandeliers

color scheme

While color choices in the kitchen are incredibly personal, the best farmhouse kitchen decorating is light colors or neutral colors. A white kitchen with wood accents and rustic metal elements in the right places will channel all that farmhouse feel.

If you’re replacing your kitchen cabinets, consider buying your new ones in modern white or gray—you can, too Quickly paint your cabinets to save money.

Other popular farmhouse-style kitchens include blue cabinets and dark cabinets in black or gray. Consider upper cabinets or a kitchen island in a different color for a two-tone cabinet style. Brass or gold hardware (including the faucet) can create an interesting contrast.

Click through the gallery below to see beautiful modern farmhouse kitchen color ideas.

Modern farmhouse kitchen color tips

Gallery: More modern farmhouse kitchen design ideas

Depending on your preference, your modern farmhouse kitchen can steer into a more rustic farmhouse or a more elegant modern style.

See more of our favorite ideas for a modern farmhouse flair—from vintage décor to bar stools to a kitchen hood—in the gallery below. (Click to enlarge each photo.)

More farmhouse inspiration from Remodelaholic

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 38 White Range Hood with Corbel Wood Support and Remodelaholic Storage

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