5 tips for spring cleaning your garage

Spring cleaning isn’t just about the home, use these tips for spring cleaning in your garage to organize it easily for the summer months.

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Spring brings a feeling of new life and rebirth. Every year, around this time, I get excited and motivated to do a spring cleaning in my space!

The garage is one of those places where not many people know what to do with. It’s a daunting task because your garage can look dirty and messy, and many garages are simply not a space they want to show off. Besides, the more messy it is, the less space you have. It can get pretty frustrating knowing that you can only fit one car (or zero!) in a two-car garage, and no amount of deep cleaning will fix the lack of clarity and purpose in your space.

Take advantage of this warmer weather to reclaim your space in spring with these spring cleaning ideas:

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1. organize

One of the best ways to clean out your garage is to put in new organizational structures for larger items. One of our top recommendations for making it a more efficient space is to get rid of any unsightly cardboard boxes you have.

Getting some matching, clearly labeled plastic boxes is a good idea to add some vertical storage without spending a lot of time in the process. This is the first step to take if you want an easy fix to some regular, small-sized mess.

2. hang everything

Perhaps the best way to maintain a clean garage is to find ways to hang many items that you would never otherwise hang. Wall hooks, mounting plates, magnetic and mesh strips, and wall shelves are all different items that you can use to hang your belongings.

Some of the items you can hang in your garage are lawn chairs, garden tools, bike cleaning supplies like brooms and dustpans, or small tools like screwdrivers. This can save a lot of floor space, and Hangers like these The entire garage layout can be changed.

You can hang items you don’t normally use high, and items like regularly used tools on low, accessible hangers that make it easier for you to use them.

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3. Install cabinets

Even if you have everything technically organized, your space can still look cluttered. Lots of items like sports equipment, gardening tools, and holiday decorations that people usually keep in the garage are oddly shaped and not pleasant to look at.

You can install files custom cabinets To hide all those miscellaneous items in lockers To make the entire space match your personal style. If you don’t have enough space inside the garage, you can also add cabinets outside the garage.

If you can’t add more storage space outside and the cabinets don’t work for you, you can install higher shelves that can work in a similar fashion.

4. Chalkboard paint

Your spring cleaning project can be transformed easily with just a little chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint can go a long way to making you feel as if you have extra storage space in your garage. This is one of those good tips for a home that looks clean and organized.

When you have chalkboard paint on chests, drawers, lower shelves, or cabinet doors, you can add labels like “seasonal items” or “patio equipment” to the front of each storage space. This prevents you from having to make blanket labels that have to stay the same until you create new labels.

With a little planning, you can use chalkboard paint and cute chalk paint markers As a tool to really enhance your space, it can look very attractive and special, especially if you learn how to write a nice font or write any font you want on the painted surfaces on the chalkboard.

5. Spice up your garage door

Maybe your garage space is fine on the inside, but the outside doesn’t match your goals. There are many ways you can make your garage door look attractive, and show that it is in good condition. We already have a full blog post for 8 DIY Garage Door Updates Check out some great tips to make your space more beautiful. These are the eight ideas presented in this post:

  • paint + glaze
  • Gel stain
  • wood overlay
  • faux-coated appliances
  • DIY transport devices
  • Garage windows painted faux
  • Add Trim to Windows
  • paint + wood

Be sure to check out the full post to find out how you can use these tricks on your garage door! The transformations we’ve seen have been pretty amazing.

We hope these spring cleaning tips give you some ideas other than just getting rid of old items, Marie Kondo style and deep cleaning. Regular maintenance can really help you keep it beautiful and organized over time.

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