7 Home Renovations You’ll Get Your Money Back

We may have pool weather (almost) year-round here, but building your dream pool could leave you underwater—reno money pits are usually at home. Instead, here’s a file The best repairs (big and small) that always increase the value of your home.

the front door Restrain people. You might miss this focal point because it’s hiding in plain sight. But a replacement door, a new coat of paint, and new hardware can really freshen up the look of your home.

new paint a New coat of paint It’s like a facelift for your home, changing the look from meh to Mmm Mmm Mm. For reference: wood should be repainted every three to seven years; Plaster, five to six.

Anything eco friendly replacing Hardware With low-water and low-energy options that mean you can flaunt it on your property listing, making your home look modern. Tankless water heaters, front-loading washing machines, and even new insulation in the attic are all smart choices for the money.

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Kitchens Well, Reno’s whole shebang gut—including stealing some square footage from an adjoining room—is every home chef’s dream. But just changing cabinet doors, worktops and floors can be enough.

Baths Kitchens and BathsThe old real estate sales wisdom says, Homes are what sells. If you’re flush, look to revamp the gut with luxurious surfaces like marble or mosaic tile, as long as the design is clean and classic. (Read: Attracting the Regular Buyer.) Otherwise, swapping out sink and bathroom hardware and refills are happy options.

French doors Do you want your home to feel more spacious? Try this trick designed specifically for warm climates: Replace windows in a family room, dining room, or dining room with French doors that open onto an outdoor patio. Suddenly we are in the Riviera.

Upgrade the outdoor space Instead of expanding your home’s space (which doesn’t necessarily add value to your home), take advantage of our lovely weather by adding a canopy to your patio area and creating an outdoor living space.

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