Accenture’s role in building the Metaverse project

Today, almost every leading brand builds its own strategy for cashing in Metaverse environment. Accenture, a leader in technology innovation, is one organization that takes charge of new and transformative solutions, with comprehensive research, development and partnerships.

Over the past two years, Accenture has been conducting various studies of the metaverse’s potential. the I found the company About 55% of consumers see the metaverse as an exciting business opportunity, and 89% of executives believe the landscape will influence their future growth.

Based on these insights, Accenture has begun developing its customized vision for the metaverse, complete with a comprehensive suite of Metaverse tools and services for new businesses looking to advance their digital transformation strategy.

Vision Accenture Metaverse

Accenture has emerged as one of the primary companies driving transformations into the metaverse over the past two years. Back in 2021, the company asked 60,000 Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headphones to enhance training and preparation routines. Accenture has indicated that it believes metaverse and XR technologies have the potential to change the future of work.

To highlight its increasing focus on the metaverse in opportunities, Accenture announced the development of Metaverse continuity in 2022. The initiative is based on the idea that the metaverse is a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, capable of serving different use cases.

According to Accenture, the metaverse has the potential to transform all aspects of life and business over the next decade, fostering collaboration, creativity and new opportunities for brands. The “Continuum” group will provide companies with access to the latest cloud, blockchain and edge computing technologies, as they explore new metaverse economic models.

It also provides companies with insights gathered from Accenture’s “the Nth floor” metaverse environment, developed in collaboration with Microsoft. For Accenture, the future of the Metaverse Continuum revolves around 4 key pillars:

  • Make a synthetic purebred: Leveraging new forms of data collection and responsible AI to make synthetic content, digital twins, and metaverse experiences feel more immersive.
  • Programmable worlds: Providing businesses with the freedom to digitalize their environments, connect different devices to different ecosystems, and take advantage of intelligent systems for ambient computing, augmented reality, 5G, and more.
  • Calculating the Impossible: Accenture is investing heavily in the potential of unconventional computing power. The company believes that businesses across all sectors will need access to a variety of new and more advanced machines to push the boundaries of computing.
  • Put me in the Metaverse: The vision for Accenture, also known as “WebMe,” includes creating a user-centered digital experience. The company believes in using the power of the metaverse to transform the audience experience and human interactions.

Investing in Metaverse Opportunities

Aside from developing its own metaverse ecosystem and suite of services for companies to access as it dives into the era of decentralization, Accenture has also invested in a variety of new partnerships and opportunities in recent years.

Recently, the company announced a strategic investment in Forma Vision, a company committed to producing volumetric video tools for live broadcasts, 3D assets, and RT3D solutions. The investment is intended to help Forma Vision create a low-cost, flexible metaverse environment for the enterprise, and is being delivered through Accenture’sProject lightsventure.

Forma Vision isn’t the first company Accenture has supported in the metaverse. In March 2022, the company made another strategic investment in the enterprise Inrupt Software CorporationTo support the development of decentralized digital experiences. A month later, in April, Accenture too Funding tailored to StrivrProvider of virtual reality-based immersive learning and training solutions for enterprises.

During the month of October, Accenture started to Partnership with a global company Mars, to transform its global manufacturing operations using artificial intelligence, digital twins, and cloud edge technology. The initiative aims to help Martians coach and support teams through Metaverse-style experiences that prioritize education and immersion. At the end of the year, the technology innovators at Accenture also invested in BehaVR, the leader in digital health and healing experiences.

The investment was revealed on the same day that BehaVR announced its merger with a spin-off from the University of Oxford (OxfordVR). Accenture plans to support the brand as it begins its quest to build healthcare and science-centered experiences into the metaverse.

Build a Metaverse environment

Since Accenture has invested in building its metaverse-style recruiting expertise and onboarding with VR, the company is rapidly developing its focus on the metaverse. For a few years now, the company has been offering a range of end-to-end XR solutions for immersive learning, virtual merchandising, and e-commerce. Investing in the metaverse will allow Accenture to build on its existing portfolio, and drive the business towards new opportunities.

Accenture works alongside other market-leading groups and initiatives to help bring attention to the potential of the metaverse in various environments. In 2023, Accenture and Microsoft are partnering with World Economic Forumto create a prototype of a new “Global Collaboration Village”, where organizations and employees can learn about and collaborate on global challenges.

Accenture has joined forces with countless other leading organizations to help shape village development, presenting it to participants around the world during an interactive multi-party event session.

What’s next for Accenture in the Metaverse?

Accenture clearly believes in the power of the metaverse and the potential it has to deliver on existing brands. Today, the company invests in numerous case studies and research strategies, to help understand the challenges and opportunities facing metaverse environments.

Accenture not only believes in creating a powerful metaverse for modern brands, but is also committed to a future of responsible, human-centered digital experiences. The company even offers services designed to help companies form and map inclusive metaverse ecosystems, and experiment with new tools like NFTs, tokens, and blockchain.

Currently, Accenture boasts approximately 245 Metaverse-related pilots and proof-of-concept solutions created in the Accenture labs, as well as more than 600 patents filed in the Metaverse Continuum.

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