Affordable DIY staircase outfit ideas that sound like a million bucks

Are you ready to give those boring steps a dreamy DIY staircase makeover? These DIY staircase remodel ideas will refresh and update stairs on a budget.

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Stairs are an effective way to get to a higher or lower level, but they are often careless.

If you’ve been dreaming of a new look for your stairs or handrails, we’ve got our very favorite DIY staircase renovation ideas today. See all of our staircase projects here.

See more unique stairs upgrade ideas.

Beautiful DIY staircase makeover

Remodeling a staircase is a great way to make a big impact on your home decorating! Whether you’re giving stair risers some personality, removing rug to change into solid wood stairs, or giving your lower stairs a glow, we’ve got the ideas and tutorials for you to make it happen on a DIY budget!

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Under $100 drawer makeover

See how cleverly inspired She changed her drawer From rugs to beautiful wood floor mats for under $100. Tracy takes you through a detailed stair makeover step-by-step, including how to remove carpet and paint stair treads, risers, and runners.

Carpet to ebony-stained wood DIY stair remodel

SAS interior She turned her carpeted staircase into wood! Gina carefully removed the rug from her staircase while keeping the rug going upstairs. After sanding, she stained and primed the stairs, painted the risers and counters — and be sure to check out her creative solution to the gap left when she removed the rug!

Fun ladder idea: Install a ladder slide

An indoor play area can be as simple as adding a ladder slide!

$60 to reconfigure the stairs with new wood

Sometimes DIYers are lucky to find hardwood stairs under carpet. Some find particle board or unsalvable lumber instead. But replacing rungs in a DIY stair remodel doesn’t have to be expensive— Stacy moved from carpeting to new wood flooring for $60 On split stairs.

DIY a stair makeover with a painted stair runner

For an inexpensive update, just add paint! You can get the upscale look of a runner without actually installing the carpet. Having removed the carpet … and the linoleum from under it, Anna painted stair runner (and faux stair skirt) On the staircase of her cellar staircase!

See more of these painted stairs

Colorful fabric drawer risers

Sage had beautiful wood stairs to start with, and wanted to add some color, texture, and style to your ladder – so she used Fabric for wallpaper stair risers!

Brand New Stair Banister Remodel

If your staircase is old and unsafe, replace it! See what the new railing looks like at The Hillside Home.

Curved staircase drawer reconfiguration

Curved stairs are a beautiful statement in a home. Morgan and Jamie gave this dated curved staircase the makeover it deserves In this DIY stair renovation.

Oak to dark wood balustrade

Gel polish is a great option for changing the wood tones of your stair railing! Get rid of oak railings from before Staining it as Jane did.

Frequently asked questions about DIY staircase arrangements

What is the cheapest way to renovate stairs?

Painted stairs are the cheapest and easiest way to give your staircase a new look, on a budget and with limited tools and skills. With some energy put into the prep work, any homeowner or beginner DIYer can paint or stain your stairs to make them look great.

Preparation is key to any paint project, so don’t skip it or you’ll be able to see any imperfections under your fresh coat of paint.

Read the separate tutorials above for more details on each of these steps as well.

  • Remove the carpet (or laminate or linoleum floors) and carefully remove all mounting strips, screws, staples, etc.

  • If you have particle board/OSB Instead of a solid wood deck, you can Use a sharpening rod to remove these surfaces and replace them with solid wood surfaces. Or you can paint the tops of the particle board. Particle board isn’t as durable as solid wood, but for an inexpensive stair renovation or gap stop while you’re saving for a larger renovation, paint is a great solution!
  • Sand the wooden ladder frame – Risers, tops, skirts – with 60-grit sandpaper to remove any rough spots or adhesive. Be careful if you need particle board, as it will chip and crack easily.

  • Fix defects and gaps. Use wood filler to fill in any nail holes and seal the seams. This is the right time too Practice capping like a pro! Make those small seams and gaps disappear.
  • You may need to Install a small trim (using a nailer) to fill in the larger gaps between the stair tread and the riser, or even Create your own skirt/stringer like we did To create a nice looking staircase.
  • Next, the prime minister any area you paint. Even if you use a paint that has a built-in primer, a coat of regular primer will save you money over more expensive paint and give you a better, more durable finish.

  • Gel stain is next. If you are using a gel stain to refresh surfaces or handrails, we recommend staining the gel before painting. Read here all about how to stain wood or painted stair railings.
  • So you are ready to paint! You can use satin or semi-gloss polish for the risers and skirt, but we suggest a The porch/floor coating is permanent for stair treads. Be sure to read the instructions on the can on how to prepare and how long the paint needs to cure.
  • Add protection. Some DIYers opt for it Add a layer of polyurethane Over coating for added durability. a drawer runner It will also help reduce wear on painted stairs, as well as make walking on the stairs quieter.

As with all of our projects and tutorials, be sure to read the full tutorial before starting the project. Build at your own risk and be smart, and be safe. We will not be responsible for any injury or damage that occurs while following the tutorial from our site. None of our posts should be considered expert advice; Please consult a professional when needed, read all safety manuals and instructions, and take all safety precautions. All projects undertaken following the instructions on this site are done at your own risk.

Modern Farmhouse White and Wood Staircase Remodel SL18H05
White modern farmhouse and wood staircase with wood panel wall

How do you update an old ladder to look modern?

Stairs are a huge feature of your home, so updating your stairs is a great step in updating your home’s style. Here are some DIY ideas to update an old staircase and make your stairs look modern:

Modern stairs with Remodelaholic UV21H13 patterned tile risers
Black and white patterned tile stairs risers with wooden stairs

How can I decorate the stairs to look beautiful?

In addition to our above ideas for painting and updating the stairs themselves and the railing, you can make your stairs look good by updating the rest of the staircase area as well.

Creative Stair Railing And Wainscoting Panel Wall Along Stairs Remodelaholic UV18H15
Modern diagonal banister balustrade with paneled stair wall
  • Add wainscoting or creative panels to the staircase wall of interest. This is especially good for tall stair walls that are difficult to decorate.
  • Install lighting, either along the steps or skirt or along the staircase for ambiance. For a tenant-friendly stair update, use lanterns or battery-operated candles on the stairs.
  • Hang artwork along the stairs. This wall may be awkward, but it’s a good space for a gallery wall! Use our trick here to quickly hang a gallery wall.
Modern black and wood staircase with UV17H10 reconfiguration chandelier
Modern wood and black metal stair railing

For more DIY staircase ideas, check out these:

More creative ladder ideas

Under stairs storage and play spaces

DIY Stair Makeover and DIY Stair Remodel Ideas, Remodelaholic

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