Alien Worlds Game Blockchain Releases In-Game DAOs

Within the blockchain space, we are used to seeing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) set up for all kinds of ecosystems and projects. But alien worlds, are popular Blockchain game play to earn, applied the concept of DAO in a way we are not used to seeing; in a gaming environment.

As recently announced, Alien Worlds has created 6 different DAOs in its own game world that will compete with each other.

to me Participation in DAOAlien Worlds users need to keep the original Trilium token (TLM) and can also share tokens to earn more. Once this is done, users can vote on changes and decisions to be made within their DAO, all based on the WAX ​​blockchain.

according to management strange worldsDAOs were created to promote more competition between users. It is one thing for one user to compete against another, but entire communities where users can Vote on the strategy And decisions can bring a whole new level of interaction.

It is the first time in history that DAOs have been placed within a game to compete against each other as teams and contract or create their own NFT.‘,” says Alien Worlds co-founder, Sarojini “Saro” Makina.

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