AOC wins competition for new exhibitions at Bradford Museum of Science and Media

The London firm has been shortlisted ahead of an undisclosed shortlist of competitors to win an estimated £430,000 commission, which will transform the museum’s foyer and third and fifth floor gallery spaces while constructing a new passenger lift within the West Yorkshire visitor attraction.

The 1,000-square-meter project, supported by the Science Museum’s collection and planned for completion in 2024, will provide a “visually stimulating and immersive” exhibition space for permanent collections focused on media technologies that have changed the modern world.

“We are pleased to be working with the National Museum of Science and Media on this important redevelopment project,” said Gil Lambert, Director of the AOC.

By developing the masterplan, reimagining the visitor experience and transforming the galleries, we hope to support the Museum in its vision of becoming a global destination and an essential public space for Bradford residents.

The new galleries will celebrate the impressive array of photographic, film and sound technologies, presented in a way that creatively engages their audience and nurtures the opportunity for shared collective experiences.

First opened in 1983, the museum houses seven exhibits and about 3.5 million items from the history of photography, film, television, and games in its archives. Ab Rogers Design won an award A competition in 2017 to design a new £1.8 million Wonderlab exhibition for the museum.

The date comes in two years AOC has won the Science Museum Group competition to design a £2.9 million exhibition in Locomotion, Sheldon.

Elsewhere, the collection is also part of a £60 million renovation of the Science Museum in London, which included an exhibition of mathematics designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Library and Research Center by Coffey ArchitectsAnd the Interactive Gallery by Mufa collection of medical exhibits designed by WilkinsonEyre, and Event Space by Duggan Morris (completed by Mary Duggan Architects), and Hall by Dow Jones Architects And the Entrance by HAT Projects.

The latest project will create a new series of innovative and engaging sound and vision exhibits within the Museum of Science and National Media in Bradford that feature key items from the museum’s collections including microphones, cameras, speakers and screens.

Besides creating the new exhibition spaces on the third and fifth floors, the winning team will also deliver a new passenger elevator and will remove an old one. Exhibition “Life Online” In the museum lobby.

Furthermore, the winning team will conduct a high-level spatial assessment of the broader museum looking at ways to reconfigure its galleries, offices and commercial spaces.

Joe Quinton Tulloch, Director of the National Museum of Science and Media, said: “We are thrilled to have reached this important milestone in the Voice and Vision project by appointing Change Agents to bring our world-class collections to life in a new and exciting way. Methods.

Working collaboratively with our local audience, the development of new exhibitions will connect our community with our world-class collections and truly reflect that Bradford is the UK’s smallest, most diverse and fastest growing city.

The project will also give us a vital opportunity to fulfill the Science Museum Collection’s mission to make STEM education accessible to all, help bridge some of the inequalities caused by the pandemic and provide great opportunities for our communities.

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