Art Basel welcomes Tezos-backed art installations

This December, the metropolitan city of Miami will host its 20th eventThe tenth annual Art Basel An exhibition celebrating the finest artworks on the planet. Among the attendees is the Tezos blockchain, which will Flag NFTs With a stunning interactive art installation.

running from December 1-3Art Basel aims to dazzle the creative world with an impressive collection of contemporary art. Within its halls, the best artists and projects featuring talents from around the world will be shown. This year will provide significant representation from the fascinating and ever-growing world of NFT.

At this year’s event, several notable artists will help visitors create stunning images of themselves through artificial intelligence. Then the Web3 platform fx (hash) The powerful and eco-friendly Tezos blockchain will be used as an NFT for digital similarity. An item that participants can take in their personal digital wallet.

Through the installation, guests will become part of a broader experience exploring the effects of mathematical probability on scarcity. Therefore, each NFT will have its own rarity score expressed as a percentage, which will evolve over the course of the Art Basel cycle as more and more participants participate.

Find out more about Art Basel >> over here

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