Axie Infinity stages are making a comeback

There are only a few weeks left in the year but something interesting seems to be happening with the popular “Play to Profit” game, Acce Infinity. Recent data shows that the number of active users has jumped by a staggering 59%. This marks a huge return not only for Axie Infinity itself, but for the play-for-profit model as a whole.

Is P2E making a comeback?

As many of us may remember, games that rely on play-to-win have seen some declines in the past year, due in part to the crypto winter. Its decline after its success in 2021 has led some to declare that the niche is dead.

Axie Infinity Stages is making a comeback with an ever increasing interest in playing to earn

However, the recent return of Axie Infinity contradicts this narrative. Not only did active Axie Infinity wallets rise by 59%, but the value of AXS tokens and SLP peaked in the middle of the month. There are a number of possible reasons for this; The game released some promotions at the beginning of the year With new features like Avatar customization.

It could also indicate a renewed interest in playing for profit, especially given the fact that many cryptocurrencies are showing mild signs of recovery. Either way, we can only hope that this positive trajectory continues.

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