Beko launches Horizon Worlds Metaverse Competitor in 2023

Last Thursday, during the product announcement for 2022 Live broadcastPico unveiled a new virtual reality (VR) headset, Metaverse platform, and enterprise products.

Alongside the debut of the new Pico 4 VR headset, Bytedance Project introduced Pico Worlds, a Metaverse platform and direct competitor to Meta Horizon Worlds for Meta Quest. [Pro]. Bytedance will launch Metaverse on the upcoming Pico 4 and Neo 3 VR headsets in 2023.

Bytedance has not set a global release date for Pico Headphone 4However, sellers are listing the 128GB and 256GB models for £379 and £449, respectively. The device has top-notch immersive specs, including a 105-degree field of view, color pass through mixed reality (MR) options, a 4K+ Super-Vision display of 4320 x 2160 pixels, and touchscreen.

pico worlds project

Bytedance designs Pico Worlds as a User Generated Metaverse (UGC) service that enables individuals to build their own VR worlds and assets.

In the Video adPico noted that users can create a wide range of 3D (RT3D) content in real time, from homes to small towns or cars to rockets.

The service also supports full-body avatars for immersive social spaces where users can interact with others and participate in online virtual reality activities. The Pico 4 headset has technology that enhances online social communication with a SLAM infrared optical positioning system and a PICO motion tracker for precise body tracking and gesture simulation.

Bytedance is taking its immersive social aspect even further by integrating UGC TikTok’s social media app into its 5.0 VR operating system (OS). The TikTok integration allows a Pico user to share a Metaverse session and upload a VR reel via the social platform.

Facebook’s parent company Meta launched its Metaverse service earlier this year, which shares many similarities with Project Pico Worlds, such as the UGC that powers each service.

Horizon Worlds has a suite of tools that enable users to create RT3D content, experiences, and games, even providing immersive options for content creators to monetize their work.

Beko Business

Bytedance designed the Pico 4 Pro headset with enhanced enterprise-grade features for advanced users and developers.

The Pico 4 Pro has three infrared cameras for high-precision face and eye tracking. According to the company, the upcoming device uses interpupillary distance tracking (IPD) technology, allowing the headset to automatically adjust its lens to suit the wearer. Infrared cameras also track facial muscle movements, allowing up to 52 dimensions of animation for accurate avatar expression.

In addition, Bytedance debuted Pico Enterprise during the live broadcast. Pico Enterprise enables companies to access a complete operating system built exclusively for business, including custom and secure workflow management software. The version also has an enterprise-focused app store interface, developer groups, and exclusive settings.

The company is announcing more details of the Pico Enterprise at AWE EU 2022 next month.

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