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The XR industry is on the rise this year. With the rise of MR, AI, and the metaverse, immersive companies are finding new ways to enhance XR products and services using modern technology.

So now is a better time than ever to present the second year of the 2023 XR Awards – where XR Today will showcase the best in international XR innovation.

The XR Awards are back!

requests for 2023 XR Awards Currently open!

XR Today invites AR/VR/MR companies worldwide to showcase their most notable XR innovations from the previous year during an online showcase event.

Last year, the XR Awards garnered attention from the global XR space. So please Progressing For the opportunity to receive recognition from our expert judges.

Event categories include:

  • XR leader of the year
  • Rising Star – Organization – free
  • Rising Star – Singles – free
  • The most innovative product
  • The best solution for virtual reality
  • The best solution for augmented reality
  • The best solution for mixed reality
  • better Metaverse Solution
  • The best healthcare solution
  • The best educational and training solution
  • The best AEC solution
  • The best manufacturing and industrial solutions
  • The best field service solution
  • The best automotive solution
  • The best retail and e-commerce solutions
  • The best immersive collaboration solution
  • The best art and entertainment solution

Applications for the 2023 XR Awards are now open February 17thand closes the XR Awards entries March 31st.

Today XR will announce the finalists on May 5thready for your online party event on May 25, 2023.

Nokia says that the demand for information and communication technology will facilitate the emerging Metaverse

this week, Today’s XR Editor, Demond Cureton speak with Thierry E. Klein, Head of Research, Bell Labs Solutions at Nokia Bell Labs, About industrial metaverses services and startups. Furthermore, the Chair touched on building metaverse use cases, sustainable network operations, and the emergence of 6G communications.

Klein explained that Nokia views “Metaverse as divided into consumer and enterprise.” Furthermore, Klein notes that enterprise metaverse solutions are evolving into a “significantly more lucrative market in mission-critical industries.”

The president continued, noting that “digital transformation of industries is developing rapidly,” and companies are already applying immersive technology such as smart augmented reality glasses to assist in daily operations in the workplace.

In addition, Klein added that immersive application development will be based on semiconductor, software, artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), cloud, VR/AR/XR, and 5G/6G.

Snap lens gain ray tracing tools

This week, Snap Inc. Snapchat, the company behind the popular social media app and augmented reality ad site Snapchat, has released a new product Ray tracing tools for the Snap Lens smart glasses product.

The move comes after Snap integrated its Ray Tracing developer tools into the Lens Studio software development kit (SDK) in April last year.

Snap Lens’ Ray Tracing tools will provide developers with enhanced tools that reflect light for their virtual content, thus creating hyper-realistic digital assets.

Tiffany & Co. is applying the new integrated technology to create an AR filter to advertise the company’s lock bracelets, allowing users to purchase items without exiting the Lens app.

Bigscreen launches the world’s smallest VR headset

Finally, this week VR startup Bigscreen introduced the Bigscreen Beyond, a VR headset that’s available for pre-order now.

At 127 grams and less than 1 inch thin, the device weighs six times lighter than competing headphones. In addition, the Bigscreen Beyond device has a competitive set of specifications.

The device will be available for purchase from Bigscreen in the third quarter (third quarter) of 2023. Before the device ships, interested parties can pre-order the kit for $999.

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