Birdseye reinterprets Vermont farmhouses with a fully lakeside cottage

Architecture studio in Vermont bird’s eye Referred to nearby barn To fully develop the details of this rural retreat on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Homestead is located in South Hero, Vermonton a 12.6-acre site that slopes toward Lake Champlain.

The house is located on a grassy site on the edge of Lake Champlain

It is surrounded by several farms, including the immediate neighbor of the barn building which influenced Birdeye’s design.

“The area is famous for its agricultural landscapes from pastoral farms,” ​​he said. bird’s eyea studio based in Richmond, Vermont.

“The single floor concept was a response to the scale of the surrounding context. The existing adjoining farmhouse includes a large timber-framed gambriel barn and a chicken coop with a gabled roof.”

An all-black Homestead by Birdseye farm amongst the trees at a lakeside site in Vermont
The shape of the house is inspired by the surrounding agricultural architecture

The residence was completed in December of 2021 and consists of four gabled volumes oriented parallel to the shoreline and connected to each other by a long gabled walkway.

This design creates a variety of outdoor spaces between the primary volumes, including an outdoor carport, a more formal courtyard and a patio overlooking the water.

Gray living room with orange and blue accents, purple sofa and black hanging lighting in the house
Living spaces are designed across the individual level of the house

Birdseye placed the residents’ living spaces on one level, to avoid making the house stand out among its neighbours. The architecture studio also noted that this configuration makes the entire house accessible from the outside.

Visitors enter the house from the symmetrical entry courtyard into the main entertaining volume, which is located in the center of the building and contains an open plan kitchen, living and dining room.

An open plan living and dining space in a Vermont house with white pendant lamp and black fireplace
The open kitchen, living and dining area features a black fireplace at one end

At the end of this space, a black steel fireplace anchors the room and is surrounded by deep sofas. Birdseye collaborated with interior designer Brooke Michaelson.

Three bedrooms are located in the suite closest to the lake, providing residents with the best views of the water.

House in Vermont by Birdseye
The single gabled entrance structure connects the living volumes

The third suite contains a garage and a small library.

Another detached garage is located a few steps away and connected to the house by a covered driveway that is an extension of the driveway.

Bedroom in a house with pendant lights and white walls
The house has three bedrooms with views of the nearby water

“Repetition of details, window type and size, rafters tails, a fixed seam roof, vertical cedar sides stained black, and single-story gables with matching pitches all contribute to the calm, pastoral aesthetic; harmonious with the landscape,” the studio said.

In the future, the owners intend to include an additional structure closer to the lake, which can be positioned to align with the house’s driveway.

The studio explained, “The common driveway is located on the axis of the Cove Lake estuary and extends as a path to the cabin of the future.”

Other all-black homes in the United States include a A residence in upstate New York in six irregular volumes partially sunken in a hill by Thomas Phifer and Partners And the The Corner of the Colorado House Designed by Studio B as a “Combination of Form and Light”.

Photography by Erica Allen studio Unless otherwise noted.

Project credits:

general contractor: O’Neill Builders, LLC
Structural Engineer: engineering projects
Landscape Architect: Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture
Survey: Powerman engineering
interior design: Brock Michaelson Design

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