Check out these home decor ideas for Makar Sankranti

The new baby in the family has a special connection with Makar Sankranti or Bornahan. It is a joyful Indian occasion to boost the immune system of a child. Children between the ages of one and five years are treated to a unique ritual called pur (mulberry) nahan (bath), which translates to mulberry bath. Different regions celebrate the event differently, with colorful decorations, children visiting homes and singing, meals (festivals), kites flying, etc.

Makar Sankranti is one of the few traditional Indian celebrations that follows the solar cycle. It is dedicated to the god Surya (the Sun). In Maharashtra, this event marks the beginning of the harvest, which is celebrated annually in January. It is the first day of the sun’s passage through Makara (Capricorn), marking the end of the season with the winter solstice and the beginning of the longer days.

This year Makar Sankranti is celebrated on January 14 and January 15 because the sun enters Capricorn at 8.21 PM on January 14, 2023.

The motive behind Por Nahan

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In Por Nahan, a child is bathed in seasonal foods, including peanuts, summer berries, and sugarcane chunks. Children usually do not eat this fruit. However, if children are asked to pick and drink these fruits during this recreational activity, they voluntarily comply.

  • It is believed that the practice of Por Nahan prevents children from evil.
  • This concept is followed to ensure the health of the child. The Por Nahan project to protect children from the changing seasons has been completed.

The required item for Por Nahan

Por Nahan doesn’t need much preparation. Those invited to Por Nahan include close neighbours’ family, friends and young children. Of course, this kid was dressed all in black with the traditional Hallwich Dagen.

black clothes

Children wear black clothes for this ritual.

Dagen dessert

It means jewelry that consists of sweets made from sapodana, roasted sesame seeds and sugar. In some homes, it was made by grandmothers and mothers. However, you can buy this online or at a nearby market.

Akshan panel

A light board is lit in front of the children during training known as Aukshan. For Aukshan, a dish with unbroken grains of rice held in the middle is needed. As a result, the bulb was placed closer in front of the intact grains of rice. It is set with a vermilion gold ring on the right and turmeric powder and betel nut on the left.

Bornihan decoration ideas at home

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On the brighter side, greet the New Year with these wonderful Bornohan home decoration ideas that we have handpicked for you. Also, when your loved ones visit you on this critical day, greet them with the appropriate Makar Sankranti home decorations. The latest Bornahan home decoration ideas based on different budgets are listed here.

Rangoli art

Get creative and make some colorful Rangoli art as home Bornahan home décor ideas to welcome guests, be it the entrance to a puja room or the entrance to your home. Of course, if you are not skilled, you can always use synthetic/acrylic rangoli stickers or even floor murals, which are easily accessible in any shop or online.


The lights of any festival are a sign of optimism, light and dispelling evil. So why not include them in your Bornahan home decor ideas by using either the traditional way or classic earthen oil lamps, also known as diyas?

Indoor lanterns

However, paper lanterns provide the perfect aesthetic and provide a quick way to add magic to a room. Various lights can be used, such as those made from plastic bottles, egg cartons, upholstery lights, and seashell lights. Additionally, you can make your own recycled lanterns out of old ketchup and jam jars by filling them with water, some flower petals and floating candles to add a finishing touch. Finally, you can use tall lanterns as ceiling decorations to fill your home with joy. Put a smile on everyone’s face with Bornohan’s home decor ideas.


Using curtains as decor for Bornahan is a good option if you’re on a tight budget. You can use drapes, dupattas, sarees, or any other large and eye-catching piece of fabric. The canvas can be a backdrop for religious ceremonies or photo shoots.


What’s an easier way to get ready for the holiday season than to get the whole family involved in your Makar Sankranti decor ideas? Encourage everyone to get creative and make some cute kites. They may have interesting designs like kites, butterflies, flowers, or even family initials. These kites can be made as a wall decoration. Everyone will have a memorable Makar Sankranti with the help of Purnohan decoration ideas at home.

flower paths

Flowers are suitable for all celebrations. Marigolds are conveniently presented in the market. You can scatter these flowers on the table or string them together to beautify your home.

eat the food

What people remember most are the foods cooked during the Burnahan period. Another consideration is how to serve them in style. This must be taken into account when designing the interior design of your home. Your home dining table should look formal for the occasion. Ensure that sweets and refreshments are neatly arranged, perhaps in silver or gold plated dishes or containers. Support the look with eye-catching candle holders.


It can be an interesting option to decorate your home with. For example, balloons can be placed in the children’s playroom and living area.


Bornhan is an auspicious Hindu festival associated with children. In our hectic lives, it’s easy to ignore all habits and move on, but Burnhan is more than just a ritual; It is a way of life that we cultivate with our loved ones and our children. With these amazing suggestions, you and your family will have fun on the festival day while preparing for it. Try these Bornahan decoration ideas for the home this year.

questions and answers

What is the significance of Por Nahan?

A newborn is blessed and showered profusely during the celebration of Por Nahan.

When is por nahan monitored?

During Makar Sankranti season, people celebrate Bor Nahan, which runs from Makar Sankranti to Ratha Saptami.

Do Hindus celebrate Por Nahan only?

Although it is a Hindu celebration, India is a very diverse country in terms of culture. Hence there is no distinction between festivals

Until what age can children participate in Bornhan?

Children up to five years old can participate in Bornahan.

Why do children have to wear black at Bernahan?

Makar Sankranti, the last day of the solstice, is considered the coldest day of winter. Unlike other colors, black perfectly absorbs heat. Therefore, it is chosen to keep warm on a cold winter day.

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