Concrete creates an art-oriented space for Miami’s first CitizenM Hotel

Dutch Hotel Group citizen Opened a hotel in the city center Miami In a high-rise building with several stands designed as a “three-dimensional piece of art”.

For the 277-foot (84-meter) tall building in downtown Miami, Amsterdam-based architecture studio concrete work with Gensler As a local engineer to carry out the design of the tower.

Concrete worked with Gensler to create the CitizenM Hotel in Miami

The envelope features large expanses of concrete and glass organized into a series of discreet boxes that break up the mass of the façade.

Since construction, much of the facade has been dedicated to a massive mural by an American artist Jane Stark.

CitizenM Miami
The hotel is designed to showcase local artists

“The architecture is a three-dimensional piece of art with large colored murals by Jenny Stark on each side of the building; the building is thus recognizable among all others,” Concrete said.

“With twisted boxes, you can experience art from all sides.”

CitizenM Miami Bar
Vitra supplied most of the hotel’s furniture

Inside, the glass-lined entrance is meant to act as an “art gallery” as visitors access a set of elevators that reach the lobby level on the second floor.

The lobby space features a number of typical sofas and work stations and plenty of light, with exposed concrete beams supporting the ceiling with wood accents.

Also on the second floor is the canteen area, which features a black and white checkered floor and wraparound bar with a black marble top and wood paneling topped with a hanging cage with a number of plants.

The 20-story building contains 252 rooms, as well as a series of meeting rooms on the third floor. The rooms are mostly junior suites, with some of the smallest clocking in at less than 200 square feet (60 m2).

CitizenM lobby space
The second floor houses workspaces and balconies

Although small, most rooms have an extra large bed that sits under the window with storage space underneath.

The bathrooms are tucked across from a pressurized tub and wrapped in polycarbonate that have been outfitted with LED lights. They can be controlled through a tablet that manages most of the room’s functions, including blinds, TV, and room services.

Throughout the property, most of the furniture has been sourced from the Swiss Furniture Company Vitrawith which the hotel chain has a long-standing relationship.

CitizenM Room
The hotel includes a series of junior suites

For the decoration, the hotel held a competition that selected local artists. CitizenM Miami Brickell is also the first location to feature the brand’s rooftop pool.

since l in 2008The hotel chain has expanded internationally with 27 hotels, and the hotel plans to open two more hotels in Miami.

Earlier this year, CitizenM announced a project aimed at making it The first hospitality company to have a hotel in the digital space known as the Metaverse.

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