Corner blinds protect the side porch house from owner of architecture

Rough metal roofs frame large open verandahs at Lateral Verandah House, a residence close PuneIndia, designed by local studio Malik Architects.

The house sits on a steep and extensive forested site with stunning views of the Tong Fort ruins to the east, close to another housing development next to the studio.

Malik Architecture has created the Lateral Verandah House in India

In reference to this historic fort, the Lateral Verandah House is built on a plinth of rough basalt stone, which descends the slope of the site to make a gradual shift in levels.

“The familiarity and historical application of this stone in every type of shelter, from the village house to the forts, transforms these heavy elements into built landscapes,” he explained. Malik Architects.

The exterior of a house in India was a lawn and porch with a pool and an angled metal roof
The house is built on a stone base

“Everywhere, there are allusions to the surroundings and the past,” the studio continued.

The house is organized on two levels, where the sleeping and mechanized areas are in the stone base and the living spaces open onto large terraces that occupy the bright and open upper floor.

Twirling and twirling slightly as they move down the hillside, these living spaces wind to the north with great infinity Swimming pool with wooden terrace along its edge.

Full height windows and wood tinted glass doors screens Allow the lower bedrooms to open out onto a balcony sheltered around a large tree.

Exterior of Side Porch House in India on a grassy slope with stone and timber walls
It is located on a sloping forested site

The angled surface of the siding roof on Verandah House is supported by a set of steel columns and rafters capped with sheets of corrugated metal that are left visible. These leaves are perforated at points to allow light to enter or trees to grow through.

The studio said “The ceiling follows the tiered base as it adjusts to the gradual shift in levels”. “It undulates and turns and skips and swirls and lets the hill and existing trees pass because it provides shade and envelops views near and far.”

A bird's eye view of a house in India with a swimming pool and an angled metal roof
The infinity pool runs alongside the house. Photo by Edmund Sumner

Material contrasts from the exterior are carried over into the interiors. The upper floors have a minimal contemporary finish of glass and white walls, while the lower level is defined by exposed stonework and concrete.

Mumbai based Malik Architects Founded by Kamal Malik in 1976 AD blanks house in delhi, that have been shortlisted in urban home category to Dezeen Awards 2022.

Photography by Ramamrotham Bharat Unless otherwise specified.

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