Dezeen Debate features Michael Kendrick’s ‘awful’ architectural retreat

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Micheal Kendrick Architects finished a Jungle dip f Let’s vacation Named Looking Glass Lodge, its wood-panelled facades and large windows allow visitors to enjoy views of the forest. No trees have been destroyed to make room for the lodge as it is built on a natural space hidden deep in the forest.

Looking at the Glass Lodge at night
Looking at the Glass Lodge at night

Architect Michael Kendrick He was commissioned to design a low-impact, sustainable home that respects and complements the surrounding environment.

“We designed the lodge to sit comfortably around the nearby trees and their roots, paying special attention to the old redwoods that frame the living space.” said the studio.

Some readers were concerned about the potential for bird strikes, with one describing it as a “horrible event”, while another called it a “fantastic retreat” that was “well planned and well built”.

Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled a master plan for the Odyssey Expo 2030.
Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled a master plan for the Odyssey Expo 2030.

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