Dungeons & Dragons changes NFT policy

After weeks of studying, Dungeons and Dragons D&D publishers have decided to scrap proposed changes for NFT projects derived from junk. However, the decision seems forced as they faced a lot of backlash from the gaming community at the table.

On January 13, Wizards of the Coast, the entity behind D&D, announced that it intends to amend the legal framework that has allowed content creators to produce D&D-compatible content for the past 20 years.

The entity provided three reasons why it intends to amend the Open Game License (OGL). One of them was to address Web3 developers. “We wanted to address those trying to use D&D in Web3, blockchain games, and NFTs.”

This will effectively prevent creators from profiting from creating Web3 derivative content such as NFTs. But that didn’t sit well with the fans and content creators who made their voices heard online. Taking over 15,000 individuals D&D survey On this issue, the vast majority supported the Creative Commons license, which freed up the content for any use.

Based on the feedback, the entity decided to abandon its plan to update its OGL. Also, D&D content will be housed within its own system reference document under a Creative Commons license “Open and irrevocable.”

Dungeons & Dragons publishers have made their intentions clear in 2022

Wizard of the Coast initially made their intentions to update the long-running OGL last year. Until that time, fans and other entities had been able to create and sell derivative works inspired by the board games. However, to protect their intellectual property from exploitation by large corporations and third parties for an instrument inspired by D&D NFTsThey felt the need to update the open game license.

In a blog post last December, the entity explained that the “OGL needs an update to ensure it can continue to do what it was meant to do — allow the indie D&D community creators to build, run, and grow the game we all love — without allowing things like third parties to make D&D NFTs and big corporations to exploit our intellectual property.”

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