Easter basket ideas for teens

As a mom, I pride myself on two things: Christmas stocking stuffers and Easter basket stuffers. I wasn’t the best tooth fairy. And as hard as I’ve tried, planning a birthday party never really becomes my thing. But I feel like I have a special knack for finding cool little things. It’s the only superpower I have, and I know my kids would agree. Or at least they would if you immediately put them in front of an audience. They declared themselves or got right, does it really matter? I think it’s my gift, and I really live to be a Christmas Elf and an Easter Bunny! And even though my kids are now 18 and 16, I don’t want to hang my ears. So if you need some fun ideas, I’ve put together a collection of Easter basket goodies that any tween or teen would love!

But first, a quick jump down memory lane. Sometimes I can’t believe my toddler days are behind me. My sweet children are grown. Crazy how time passes! These are two of my most treasured Easter pictures. This one above is from 2013, the last time I tortured my kids with a visit to see the Easter Bunny. Below is a photo from 2020 when she forced teens to go out and get their daily dose of vitamin D daily during the initial pandemic lockdown. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words…… 😉

Flashback 2020

Now to the good stuff! Call me crazy, but I like to stick to a color scheme when I’m filling a basket. Too much? Maybe, but it sure looks cute! 😉 Obviously, I’d add a little sweetness. I mean, everyone loves a Reese’s Egg!

for girls…….

Easter basket ideas for teenage girls

1. My 16 year old girl loves fresh flowers but isn’t great at removing dead bouquets, so I thought of adding a pair of vases To her breed it will be fun (and hopefully easier for her to manage in her bedroom).

2. Taylor Swift Lover fans will adore This sweet necklace!

3. Olive and June are now making out Quick drying paint! My girl loves them nail decalsand I think their paint remover He is the best.

4. My girl’s in huggies now, and These hearts It will be gorgeous with this Lover’s Necklace.

5. This Birkenstock looks the same Great for the pool and beach.

6. This Lace bow buckle She is very beautiful.

7. Versed travel sizes are perfect for basket stuffing! My girl loves them cleansing balm And ink.

8. I keep an umbrella in my car. And now that my girl can drive, I feel like she needs one for her car, too. This is one daisy He is very sweet!

9. portable shipments It’s the only way my anxiety can handle kids driving.

10. This Honest Beauty Lip Gloss very wonderful.

11. A useful carry bag for many things. little Women It is my daughter’s favorite book, but there are a few different classics to choose from.

12. I couldn’t resist another Taylor-inspired item because my girls and I are such huge fans. How fun These slippers?!

And for the boys….

Easter basket ideas for teenage boys

1. My son loves gadgets, and I think he’ll get a lot out of this Solar powered portable speaker this summer. It currently only has a 2-star rating, but it’s only $13.99, so I feel like it’s worth a try.

2. Sneaker balls #yakik 😉

3. If my son doesn’t like this Magnetic Leather Magnifying Glass Holder For his car, I would gladly take it!

4. The The perfect size cooler For the beach or the pool.

5. Again, portable chargers Is the only way I can handle my guys being outside on their own. 😉

6. What I love about Starbucks Gift Cards is that there is one for every season/celebration/event/occasion.

7. swimming trunks She is always an easy basket addition for a boy.

8. Vance glasses Very affordable!

9. Teenagers bring back Crocs. did you know These slides It will be great for the pool and the beach.

10. This adhesive wallets Great for boys so they don’t have to carry a separate purse.


When does one outgrow the Easter basket? Friend request. Seriously, am I the only mom filling my 18-year-old’s college Easter basket?

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