Epic Kraft Room Storage Ideas

These amazing craft rooms are filled with clever and innovative craft room storage ideas to help you create the perfect craft room!

I’m still in the honeymoon phase of love with our new office and craft space renovation. I was so excited to share it with you and so glad you all loved it as much as I do! If you missed the big reveal From my home office and craft room from U.S old house Go check it out!

While I was in the planning and information stage for remodeling my craft room, I turned to Pinterest for storage ideas and inspiration from fellow crafters and bloggers. And of course they did not disappoint! I found a lot of great details and ideas, which I had to share with all of you. Below you’ll find fun decorating ideas, genius storage and organization ideas, and well-thought-out details to make spaces beautiful and useful. You are sure to find plenty of inspiration and don’t be surprised if you start daydreaming about your amazing craft room!

Best Storage Ideas for Craft Rooms

Colorful and atmospheric desk and craft space By Kaleidoscope Living- If you’re looking for effective and affordable craft storage ideas, look no further. We used an entire wall of inexpensive IKEA Algot (for now IKEA Boaxel) System for all my crafts storage in our old house. And that now occupies an entire wall in my new home office in our neighborhood new home. IKEA craft room ideas are endless when you look at inexpensive storage solutions.

Ikea craft room storage

Bold and bright office and lettering By A Beautiful Mess – I love that this space is beautiful and has a lot of open space because I don’t know about you, but I often find that I need to spread my projects on the floor to work on.

Bright and bold craft room

Kids Art Studio By Justine Sterling Design- This space is brimming with small craft room ideas. But using corner and vertical storage (see those hanging buckets that hold supplies?) they manage to create a practical craft room in a small space.

kids making space

Modern handicraft room in the farm By Fixer Upper- Using upper cabinets and shallow lower cabinets brings tons of beautiful and practical storage in this somewhat small craft room. I love that the workbench also has dual built-in storage shelf legs.

Fixer loft craft room

A bright and versatile space By Something Turquoise – This wrapping station is the stuff of an artisan’s dream! It would be perfect as a fabric cutting station as well. The cutting mat above the bank of drawers is very smart and practical.

smart craft organization

black and white upgrades By Mandy Pellegrin – I love using the pegboard in this little craft space. Pegboard is a great way to add vertical storage. And using vertical storage is key when trying to fit a craft room into a small space.

pegboard craft room storage ideas

common space By Fixer Upper- Need craft room ideas for adults and kids? This shared craft room includes a desk, high-end built-in wardrobes for adults, and a great craft table for kids to use. Definitely a great idea if you have a big enough room!

Shared Craft Space by Fixer Upper

Whiteness and freshness By CRAFT-O-MANIAC- If you need to make a crafting/working table on a budget, here is a great idea! Just cover a large plastic table with a pretty cloth! Add your most used crafting supplies to your pegboard and voila…you have a functional craft room!

Craft room with colorful pops

Nice and organized craft room By A Girl & A Glue Gun – Another great use for pegboard and vertical storage in a small craft room!

Organized handicrafts

Happy craft room By Hey Lets Make Stuff- Craft room storage ideas in this craft room are clever. There is a rolling cart, hanging board, shelves and bins, all of which make assembly and using supplies for a project convenient and easy! These clever storage solutions also make it easy to put everything back when you’re done!

A space full of craft room storage ideas

white with pops By Something Turquoise—Yes, another clever use of the pegboard for sticking, cutting tools, supplies, and sewing thread! And a set of drawers is always a smart idea for storing all kinds of crafting supplies (including things like vinyl if you have one cutting machine).

White craft room with bright pops

Smart storage and more By Repeat Crafter Me If you’re a fan of knitting, crochet, or any other yarn art, be sure to take note of this genius yarn stocking idea!

Yarn storage in craft room

Colorful and sophisticated sewing and sewing room By Sweet Red Poppy – The clever use of the pegboard in this craft room doesn’t want to catch my eye. It’s smart vinyl stocking! What a great way to use vertical space and not take up drawers or cabinets cutting machine Vinyl!

Colorful and sophisticated craft room

Paper lovers room By Micaela Ferrero – If you’re a paper pro, is there anything more dreamy than this craft room with tons of paper storage and lockers?! I laughed out loud when I saw this space! I mean, aside from all of the craft room storage ideas in this one room, look at all that great natural light for crafting!!!!

Stunning paper storage in the craft room

DIY professional studio area By Oh Happy Day – When you have a lot of tape, makers, paint, and other crafting supplies you need to stock up on, why not fill an entire wall with pegboard?! Then add a massive workbench to the space and you have a functional and beautiful craft room!

professional studio craft area

Eclectic and bold office and craft By At Charlotte’s House – My friend Charlotte transformed a small bedroom into a functional crafting space. She uses that closet behind her chair to store a lot of crafting supplies (and doesn’t have to stay neat and organized because it’s hidden behind doors)!

Eclectic and bold craft room and office

Dedicated work room Craving some creativity – this custom craft room was cleverly created using ready-made kitchen cabinets and worktops. It creates a huge workspace with plenty of literal storage. very smart.

Well organized sewing and crafts room By Honeybear Lane – I love that this keyboard is elevated with a gold frame! And using inexpensive wire drawers to prop up your worktop is genius! I like that you can easily see what’s in the drawers with just a glance.

Craft room with IKEA

Lots of great ideas! Organizing craft supplies can be very challenging. But you can make it beautiful and practical! I am sure you are crazy inspired to create your own beautiful craft room now.

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