Festivals! gifts! Chuck Schumer! All part of this year’s ‘4/20’ party

On Thursday, April 20, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., will join six other marijuana reformers from both chambers — three Democrats, three Republicans — in addresses in D.C. for National Congressional Cannabis Policy Summit Forum.

These speeches are noteworthy for two reasons: One, that they will take place inside the Capitol Building, “a sign of the normalization of marijuana issues,” Marijuana moment put it. and second, that these political remarks would constitute what might be the only serious event of the day.

The reason is that 4/20, as it’s called, is a raucous annual day/week that celebrates marijuana culture—in what proponents consider the high point of the year. This is especially true this year, now that Covid has subsided. Among the biggest festivities:

· National Cannabis FestivalAnd On April 22, an outdoor concert takes place on the grounds of RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., where marijuana is still illegal but sources say the “snack area” shows are worth a visit.

· 4/20 Hippie Hill San Francisco, on April 20, usually draws thousands to Robin Williams Meadow in Golden Gate Park, where, since 2022, visitors can legally purchase marijuana from vendors.

· ban bar party 420, on April 20th, Seattle, at 421 S. Lander, next to Hemp City, Seattle’s first pot store. Live music, games, music, lottery prizes, and vendors will be on display at this event for all ages.

· 420 Mile High FestivalAnd Denver, on April 20, at Civic Center Park, will be offering free music. The Cannabis Community Experience for VIP ticket holders will take place at the McNichols Civic Center.

Celebrations often include 4/20 giveaways, and here, cannabis lovers can enjoy special offers. Therese, the cloud commerce platform for cannabis retailers, analyzed 7,500 discounters representing more than $3.5 million in sales to determine discount trends during the day and week of 4/20. It found that the top 10 rebates ranged from 15 percent to 42 percent at the store level. The most popular discount offered was 25 percent off the entire store for 4/20.

This year, those discounts can buy cannabis-related items that are cooler and more sophisticated than ever. Few VIPs:

4/20 “Purple Haze” earbuds, a tribute to the famous Jimi Hendrix song

Provided by Skullcandy, this Grind Wireless Earbuds Inspired by the famous Jimi Hendrix Experience song purple haze. It is said to give a “bud in a jar” appearance with a light gray and smoky case. The buds are silver-green in color, enhanced with purple accents. $89.99.

Hemp-Infused Onion Chips, from “The Essential 4/20 Gift Guide”

the Guide Offers gifts from various cannabis-related categories with a wide range of prices. Here you can find items from Bobby’s bread (Foods such as chocolate brownie bites, Snickerdoodle bites and the like), Bofko (High-end stoneware, like PuffCo Acting vaporizer$299); Nature’s legacy Lamb bread, featuring a sativa strain and said to be favored by the late bob marley (only available in select legal markets); And TSUMo‘s THC-infused onion rings (created by Snoop Dogg, $20).

Hemp glassware decanter set

from Dragon glasswareAnd decanter set Includes 25 oz. decanter and two 7 oz. Crystal cups to hold liquor or wine. Also included in the set: wooden easel; Gold, silver and wood stoppers. and a glass funnel for convenient filling. Multiple colors are available. What makes it suitable for 4/20 is its design which is reminiscent of an indica leaf. $69.99

Smoking accessories and jewelry

from Thorn dynastyThese fairings include new link holders, decorative foam rings, crusher ring for the on-the-go mill, and lighter cases with chains. Prices range from $55 to $155.

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