FGR Architects wraps a Melbourne courtyard house in high concrete walls

Auster concrete The walls create labyrinthine pathways and pockets of greenery around this Homepage in MelbourneAustralia, which was designed by local practice FGR Architects.

Named The Courtyard Residence after the large garden area and pool at its centre, FGR Architects She organized the five-bedroom home as “layers” of spaces, creating a barrier between the street and the quiet, minimal indoor living areas.

Concrete walls wrap around the exterior of the house

The Practice explained: “The Courtyard Residence is like a rectangular origami of concrete and glass. The project’s ambition is to design for quiet expression, heightened experience and fluid function.”

Concrete geometry and custom glass openings provide privacy and prismatic delight, [and] The simple elevation of the street with implied layered volumes achieves a heightened sense of excitement and wonder. “

An outdoor pool in the courtyard at The Courtyard House by FGR Architects
The courtyard of the house has an outdoor pool

High monolithic concrete walls create a narrow entry driveway at the front of the home, along with a ramp leading to a basement parking space.

The long and narrow plan is organized with an open plan living, dining and kitchen area at its centre, flanked on either side by bedrooms and bathrooms and a small cozy area at the front of the house looking out onto the street through a large window.

Exterior entrance of The Courtyard Residence by FGR Architects
Concrete walls form a narrow entry corridor

Full height sliding glass doors allow the central living areas to open fully onto the outdoor patio, where there is a paved balcony with outdoor cooking area sheltered by a large concrete canopy.

The practice described: “Despite its heroic elements, the house transcends its gallery-like scale and functions as a series of beautifully proportioned living spaces.”

“Flexible options for opening and closing interiors with sliding glass walls provide an immersive connection to the pool, patio, and sunlight.”

“Similarly, the house can be sealed as needed to mediate severe weather and improve thermal performance,” the practice continued.

Exterior of The Courtyard Residence by FGR Architects
The series of exterior walls creates a barrier between the street and the interior

The exposed concrete used in the structure of the house has been smoothed inside and out, and left exposed in large sections of the interior walls to create a sense of continuity.

Wood paneling and large wood storage areas in the living spaces and a marble island in the kitchen complete this rougher finish.

Interior design for The Courtyard Residence by FGR Architects
Exposed concrete features in the interior spaces alongside wood paneling

The practice described “reflection and playfulness contrasting with the exuberant energy of matte and polished concrete”.

“Muted surfaces celebrate a sophisticated roughness throughout, bolstered by a sophisticated dance of light, shadow, and reflection.”

Interior design for The Courtyard Residence by FGR Architects
Sliding doors in the central living spaces open onto the patio

FGR Architects was founded by Feras Raful in Melbourne in 2003 and works on architecture and interior projects.

Other recently completed homes in Melbourne include a A dwelling organized around a lush green courtyard by BKK Architects, and the Converting a brick porch into a contemporary family home by Angelucci Architects.

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