Fifth week – tiling without thin mortar

this week One room challenge The update is fast. I just started tiling, and I really like the look!

Last fall, when I built tile coffee table for PorchI discovered SimpleMatAnd I fell in love with him! I had doubts. Could this really replace the traditional thin slurry? This sticky adhesive definitely won’t be strong enough to hold the tiles in place. But to my surprise, it worked Nice! So I decided to use it again, this time on the walls of the powder room because it’s so easy and convenient. There is absolutely no mess! It’s more expensive than thin pre-mixed mortar, but much easier to work with a smaller tile project like this one, I think the extra dollar is worth it.

SimpleMat Tile Preparation Mat

It is very beginner friendly! It comes with detailed instructions for a variety of tile applications. It is basically the same as double-sided adhesive tape. One side sticks to the wall and the other holds the tiles in place. The only somewhat tricky part of using SimpleMat in place of the traditional thin mortar is the lack of wiggle room. You have to put the tiles exactly where you want them from the start unlike grout where you can move the tiles around and set them to dry. But it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it. I’ve found that using two different sized tiers helps make sure the tiles are set exactly where you want them.

Subway powder room layout

One wall finished! Two and a quarter left. Now I just need to make a decision – White or black plaster? ideas?

powder room tiles

Make sure to check out each other One room challenge Participants until this week! Only three more weeks left! Yikes!

One room challenge

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