Find the right sized shade and set of folded lampshades

Changing a lamp shade can have a huge space impact (But it’s all about finding the right size for your lamp base – More on this in a second). Lamp shades may seem like an insignificant detail in the layout of an entire room, but they have a lot of great design. Case in point, I recently swapped out the white roller shades on the lamps in my bedroom for a textured, pleated beauty, and this small change has given the entire room a more traditional, sophisticated, and collected look.

The white roller shade that came with the Flashlight It wasn’t bad at all. But it was a little boring and cute. The decorative, pleated and imperial lampshade makes the lamp appear a little more elevated. It complements the space’s color palette and gives a more custom and intentional look to the room’s design.

lampshade switch

Sizing issues. A good rule of thumb: the lampshade should be twice the width of the lamp base and one-third the height of the lamp (increase or decrease an inch). But there are always exceptions to any rule, so go with what works best for you. Just make sure the lamp harp is completely hidden under the shade, this is the only hard and fast rule.

Round fold up lamp shade

I’m currently crazy about pleated shades, so I’ve rounded up some favourites! Saving friends, one of these cool lampshades can make your goodwill lamp find an absolute treasure!

folded lampshades
  1. serigraph – 13.5″ in diameter – $160
  2. wise Size Range (14 – 18″) – $75 – 95
  3. Navy – Size range (14 – 18 inches) – $75 – $95
  4. montjoy – 13.5 inch – $50
  5. Patani – 14″ – $95
  6. black gold – 15 inches – $73
  7. Warna – 14″ – $160
  8. Pink – 2 sizes (12.75 or 16 inches) – $98 – $128

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