Fire pit ideas for every outdoor space

Nothing makes an outdoor space more comfortable or inviting than a fire pit. Whether you want to make a fire pit or buy one, these are the best fire pit ideas!

In my opinion, nothing makes an outdoor space more inviting than a fireplace or fire pit. Nothing beats the ambiance of a fire to make a space feel cozy and relaxing. They also warm spaces in the cooler months and fires help keep insects away in the summer (not to mention you can roast marshmallows).

Our new home has a wonderful home The furnished balcony With a fireplace we make full use of it all year round. We have a TV, comfortable sofas and pillows and spend a lot of time there. We even sat by the fireplace outdoors at Christmas!

cool like us The furnished balcony He, I still miss the evenings spent on our old back, watching the girls playing in the yard at the sprinklers and in swing! We have worked hard on The renovation we did on the aft deck In our old house. we Built a cool bar on the deck As well as remodeling the backyard landscape. But one of my favorite things we added that took our enjoyment of the rooftop to the next level was the verticality of the fire pit (This is the same).

Back deck with teak wood and fire pillars

Of course, before we made the final decision to purchase fire poles in our old house, I stumbled upon a million different ideas for a backyard fire pit! I wanted to share the best I’ve found to build yourself and buy if a DIY project isn’t available to you right now.

DIY fire pit ideas

DIY concrete fire pot

this is concrete fire pot Unique man-made DIY. concrete projects It’s my favourite! The shape of the bowl makes this more of a modern concrete fire pit that I love.

DIY concrete pot fire pit

DIY traditional fire pit

If you’re looking for fire pit seating ideas too, you’ll find both here! I love this DIY fire pit and seating area by Lauren at Bless’er House. The classic fire pit shape combined with the circular pea-gravel seating area and the classic Adirondack chairs are very attractive!

modern fire yard

modern home Square concrete fire pit The stylish and gorgeous Ryobi! It has nice wide sides, which I really like, and is a modern take on the traditional round fire pit. It is a simple, but labor intensive fire pit with several steps. There aren’t many square fire pit ideas, which makes this idea all the more special.

Square concrete fire pit

Quick DIY Fire Pit

easy 4 Steps DIY Fire Pit by Beautiful Mess Perfect for anyone looking to create a great looking fire pit in a short amount of time! The end results are fantastic and the process seems rather simple. Made of concrete landscape stones, a metal fire ring and filled with pebbles, all it takes is some elbow grease.

Easy DIY Fire Pit

Fire pit in the ground with seating

searching for fire pit in the ground ideas? This plan from Allen on Instructables is amazing and includes the seat. I love that it’s a concrete flooring patio with a fire pit in the middle and a seating area. What a great place to gather, grill marshmallows, and hang out! This is a DIY project that will leave you with an outdoor space that you can enjoy as a family and with guests all year long (and keeping your wood organized gives it bonus points!).

DIY Earth Fire Pit With Bench

Classic stacked stone fire pit

this is stacked stone fire pit on Houz Nice and classic look I really like it. The homeowners planned and designed the DIY fire pit idea and built it from scratch using stone pavers, cement, and gravel. The tutorial is comprehensive and easy to follow and the end result looks great.

stacked stone fire pit

Metal and glass tabletop fire pit

A completely different twist on the fire pits, this Metal and glass fire pit tabletop By The Art of Doing Stuff Perfect for a small space. Made to sit on top of a table, it’s perfect for a smaller platform or comfortable seating space. I love that it is a metal fire pit which makes it look modern and looks a lot like a centerpiece or decor!

Glass and Metal DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

Campfire inspired fire pit

Laurie’s inspiration when planning her family’s fire pit was a real bonfire. You nailed her with that DIY rustic stone fire pit On Greco Design. Made with boulders from their yard and Quikrete, that’s exactly what she wanted! Outdoor fire pit ideas don’t have to be complicated to be perfect.

DIY Fire Pit Pattern

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Aren’t these brilliant fire pit ideas? I can’t believe how simple some of them are. The most important thing is good planning and hard work! Want more ideas that reduce elbow fat? I have some great options to buy.

fire pits to buy

Is a DIY fire pit not something you want to tackle? There are tons of backyard fire pit ideas that you can buy! We found traditional and modern tables, fire pit tables, and more. Keep in mind that with most options for a propane fire pit, there is a tank. The reason we chose fire poles for our last home is because a propane tank sits inside the pole.

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