First signs of fall in the living room are finally ready to tackle this fireplace project

I unwind in our living room’s fall decor and keep it super simple with a delicious pumpkin candle on the coffee table and some white pumpkins on the shelf. But even these two little fall-inspired additions keep me feeling all kinds of excitement for the upcoming holiday season. Not because I’m ready to break out the boxes of holiday decor just yet, but because I’m finally ready to give our fireplace the makeover I’ve been dreaming about since we moved into this house in October 2019.

Some design decisions you make on the spot and others just require you to live in your space for a while before you feel ready to see it pay off, you know? I’ve always wanted to do something for our fireplace to make it more of a statement maker in our living room, but I wanted to see a few other design elements around the fireplace put into place before implementing my plan.

Living room simple autumn decoration mantel

The grass cloth that was Added to gallery And the Bookcases appear It was something I needed to see before making a decision. Now that I’ve lived with these two elements for a short time, I feel ready to focus on adding more contrast, texture, and dimension to the fireplace.

living room wall fireplace

I’m not planning anything major, but I think the small update I’m planning to make will be a real game-changer. And I’m so excited to tackle this in time for the holidays!

living room decor early fall


heard about Lime wash paint? It is a textured wall paint made with mineral pigments that refract light and add character to walls. It has been around for a long time. Aside from the velvety suede-like finish you add to the walls, I love that it continues to bloom over time creating a really cool look and feel.

Here’s an inspiration picture below that I pulled from it jH . Wall PaintsThe brand I plan to use in my project. I just love the way the paint on the walls and the fireplace here gives this stark space a soft surrounding cushion of fluffy texture!

And I can’t wait to see this paint on our stove!

vintage living room candle holder

I ordered three samples this week, and can’t wait to see them in person!

living room shelf
living room candle
vintage living room candle holder

stay tuned The samples will be here soon, and I’ll be sharing all the DIY details right here on the blog!

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