Foster + Partners rejected Whitechapel’s 14-story plan to file an appeal

The practice has drawn up plans to demolish two buildings on Whitechapel High Street and Trade Road to make way for 39,500 square meters of office space. Foster’s order had followed an initial proposal – for a 20-storey office complex on the 0.67-hectare site – which was modified and reintroduced last year.

But Tower Hamlets council members rejected the scheme, saying they objected, among other things, to the scheme’s elevation, demolition of heritage assets, and the effect of daylight and sunshine on neighbours.

Based on the notice of the Authority’s official decision, which was Posted two months After the committee hearing in DecemberCouncil members’ hair w . developmentIt may also cause ‘damage to the setting’ nearby, the Grade II*rated Whitechapel Gallery designed by Charles Harrison Townsend.

The rejected scheme, supported by South Street Asset Management, involves building on a playground area owned by the adjacent Canon Barnet Elementary School, while providing the school with a new playground.

Planning officers in the London area had originally recommended approval for the scheme, stating that the proposed building was “well-designed” and “would significantly compromise in height relative to adjacent tall buildings”.

Foster + Partners proposed the development of 101 Whitechapel High Street. south elevation

However, explaining the reason for the refusal, tThe decision notice states that the project has failed to meet the exceptional criteria set forth in the local plan for high-rise projects intended for sites outside a particular hill construction area.

She continues: ‘Nor will the proposed tall building Of height and scale that respond appropriately to the situation The context of the conservation area, nor will it enhance the character and distinction An area without negatively affecting the specific cityscape or detracting from heritage assets and historical prospects.

The rejection notice adds that plans will also result in the loss of the current language school – Class Space F1 – above The upper floors are from 102 to 105 Whitechapel High Street and you will fail to provide anything similar replacing.

in December Councilman James King said: “Residents can appreciate that this angle could do with some love and certainly could be improved, but the suggestion here goes against a lot of our planning policies, not least about elevation.

This development has been on a journey – I think this journey could be a little further. There is not much acceptance of the conservation area as [the scheme] He – his height in particular.

On the appeal application, the AP التطوير development team saidPublic inquiry will be the “most appropriate procedure” to decide the proposal, allowing Evidence, particularly with regard to design, urban landscape and heritage, to be tIt was estimated by cross-examination.

The document adds:The complexities of the site, its context, proposals for a tall building, its impact on amenities and The implementation of the relevant planning policy requires public investigation.

The team estimates that the planning investigation will take eight days.

Foster + Partners has been contacted for comment.

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