FREE HOUSE: Social media post giving a housewarming gift in rural Regina

It’s not every day that you see an advertisement for a file house for free. A man who lives on a farm west of Regina says he wants to give away an old house on his property.

Daniel Poissant has done a job Mail on me reddit About a week ago hoping to find someone who would accept his offer.

When asked “Why a free house?” Poissant said that he did not want to take advantage of anyone, because the house was old, and it was only the building shown, not the land.

“If I assign a dollar value to the house,” he said, “there’s a risk someone might walk away feeling like I misrepresented him.” “I’m not a realtor, or even particularly helpful, though, so my assessment is somewhat subjective.

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“I would be very grateful if (if) someone (had) taken over the house instead of watching it deteriorate, eventually having to demolish it. Avoiding that outcome would be worth more than a little money.”

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He said The problems of the house will mainly be only his age. It is located west of Regina in the rural municipality of Sherwood. The house, which was originally a two-room ranch without plumbing, belonged to Poissant’s grandfather.

He said the house was moved two miles south from its original location and significantly added on, making it a two-story house with four bedrooms and one bathroom.

Poissant even suggested in his bid that if someone didn’t want to move the house, they were free to disassemble it and salvage the parts and materials.

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“Someone is going to cost money to move it or take it apart, and they’re going to have to get a place to put it. So, there are really costs for someone to deal with.

“I can’t keep it forever (so) in the end I’ll just have to tear it down, and that would be time and money for me. So the best way seems to be to offer it for free to someone who might possibly use it.”

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Poissant said he had received some messages from people inquiring about the house. He said he would be flexible with the schedule if there was an interest. But if there are no takers this year, they will probably start demolishing the house.

“It’s just an old farmhouse…whether someone wants all of it or parts of it or repurpose it. I’d be really, really happy to see it work for someone.”

His only conditions, said Poissant, are that the house must go, and whoever takes him in must clean up any mess he makes.

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Free house in edmonton – if you move

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