Hawkins\Brown Student Union and RPP Open at Queen’s University Belfast

Described as a “flexible container that will become a beacon of university life,” the four-story project houses the Student Union and student support teams, along with services other than faculty.

The building features a large social staircase running through its center. Work on the 11,000-square-meter One Elmwood scheme, located in the heart of the campus, began in summer 2020.

One photo from Elmwood, Queen’s University Belfast

Source: Gareth Andrews

project’s data

client Queen’s University Belfast
Principal Consultant RPP Architects Ltd
Architects Hawkins Architects \ Brown & RPP
Site One Elmwood, 77 University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NF
local authority Belfast
Project Type new construction
Finance funded by the university
Structural, Civil and Flood Hazards Doran Consulting Limited
MEP Services Consultant JCP Consulting Ltd
BREEAM CONSULTANT Condall Johnston & Co. Ltd.
cost consultant Hood McGowan Kirk
landscape architect David Clark Landscaping
Planning Consultant RPS
BIM . management Hawkins Architects \ Brown & RPP
fire consultant Socotec
vertical transport SVM Associates
main contractor Felix O’Hare & Co.
Bid date February 2019 (to be bid for a contractor)
Duration of the contract Set November 2017, completed September 2022 (4 years 10 months)
Get started on the site August 2020
Completion date September 2022
Total indoor floor area 11,000 square meters
construction cost 30 million pounds sterling
a necklace development and construction
Annual carbon dioxide emissions 19.1 kg CO2/m2 (Buildings CO2 emission rate)

One photo from Elmwood, Queen’s University Belfast

Source: Gareth Andrews

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