Holiday Gift Guide – 2022!

Now that you have finished the One room challengeI’m ready to turn my attention to all things holiday! I don’t skip Thanksgiving, but I like to get my Christmas decor in early so I can enjoy it all December. And with Black Friday sales in full swing, I’m definitely ready to start my holiday shopping. I love giving gifts! And I’ve had fun curating some fun (and somewhat specific) gift guides to help you find that perfect thing for the special people in your life!

for the hostess

I think every party hostess deserves something special, but these are all great neighbor gift ideas too!

1. Festive Striped towels is an easy go-to hostess gift! Pair it with a holiday-scented soap and/or hand lotion.

2. That’s nice reindeer stopper A bottle of wine would make any hostess happy. This is also a great idea for stocking up!

3. I would love to have a pair of Holiday loaf pans To be on hand for last minute gifting. Coffee cake in a festive loaf pan wrapped in Sylvan always makes such a great presentation.

4. A hot cocoa mix or a bag of holiday coffee and a couple of those Gingerbread House Cups It would make a great gift for a teacher!

5. This Old fashioned glasses with big letters She is very beautiful!

6. Who doesn’t like this Plaid throw blanket?

7. If you’re more of a pie person than a coffee cake person, this is it Ruffled pie plates It will be a great way to serve something home baked.

8. And if cookies are more your speed, how adorbale is this Nutcracker platter?!

9. I don’t think you can go wrong with this beautiful set Spiral candlesticks. tied with a bow with those festive matchesAny hostess would be happy.

For the Maniac Tiger

Basically, this is my Christmas list. 😉 If you or someone you know is also obsessed with leopard print, you’re welcome.

Cheetah lover gift guide

1. I already have these tiger pajamas In a short sleeve and shorts version, and they’re so soft! I’ve washed them a million times and they are so much softer and softer.

2. The price on this Genuine calf hair crossbody bag Very well!

3. I consider myself somewhat of a turtleneck connoisseur, and This turtleneck are some of my favourites. They are very soft and great for layering or wearing on their own.

4. You Won’t Believe The Price On This 100% cashmere sweater!

5. These slippers Crazy on sale now! They come in a variety of colors and prints, but I’m partial to the leopard print.

6. I would love to have it These are leopard shoelaces In Gorty!

7. The best Needle pad ever seen!

8. Love These packing cubes! A great gift for someone who loves to travel.

9. These shoes Very well priced now! It comes in two other color/pattern styles.

10. Leopard Print Scarf, $15Yes please!

11. How to look forward to rainy days -> Get this Leopard print trench coat. 😉

For the nerd book

Reading friends, we’ve got you covered! And nearly every item in this gift guide supports a small business on Etsy!

Book lover gift guide

1. This booktrovert sweatshirt It would make any book lover happy. And they come in many colours.

2. This Soy wax candles It does not smoke and it is made from natural ingredients! Lots of different things to choose from, but the Midnight Library caught my eye. was one of the My favorite reads of 2021.

3. This Narnia reference It would make a great stocking stuffer, but this store offers a lot of different ones.

4. My daughter will love this Small women’s wallet. It’s her favorite book! But there are so many other great books to choose from, you’ll have to ditch the bags this Etsy seller makes! They are unbelievable!

5. This The Magic of Wine book cover is a fun gift idea for your book club friends, and it’s customizable!

6. My husband got this for me reading light months ago, and I love it!

7. This is perfection wrapping paper For your book-loving family and friends!

8. Another great stocking filler, these pens Very enjoyable!

9. This Solid wood coasters Special and unique. You can choose from 23 classic book options.

10. This Embroidered bookmarks Enjoy an heirloom quality to them.

For beauty lovers

This is basically a list of my favorites. Only clean beauty here!

Beauty lover gift guide

1. This is at the top of my Christmas list! I’ve heard good things about this Red light therapy wandAnd I’m excited to try it! This company is currently running a buy one get one free sale, so I’ll probably get one for a friend and deal with them. 😉

2. I use makeup headband every day! So much so that my daughter wants one in her stocking this year.

3. This Honesty Beauty Kit $17.99 It includes a liquid eyeliner (the only liquid eyeliner I actually love) and a tinted lip balm. Makes a great girlfriend gift or stocking stuffer!

4. I feel like I raved about it This retinol body lotion Tons this year, but that’s because it’s so awesome! Put it on your wish list or get it for a friend!

5. Two of my favorite skin care products Packed together and on sale!

6. My New favorite red lip Comes with the prettiest, brightest glitter and up to 30% off now!

7. This hair dryer brush I had to List of my favorite things Last year, and I still love it! It’s an at-home blowout quality for my curly hair.

8. Olive & June has become my favorite non-toxic nail polish brand, and This small group It would be a great gift or stocking stuffer!

9. I’ve loved Honest Beauty mascara for years! And the This fun group Comes with amazing mascara and liquid eyeshadow.

10. Every color in this Lip gloss vault is the winner! And your lip color-loving friend will love this one, but you can also break out this prep and use these mini glosses as stocking stuffers.

for teenage girls

My daughter has already got a Christmas present. I was one of the crazy people who went to war for Taylor Swift tickets, and luckily, luckily, I got two tickets. But every item on this list was approved by the 16-year-old.

1. If you have a Swiftie, This is a sweatshirt It is the perfect gift!

Taylor Swift hoodie

2. And I bet your Swiftie will love these too Custom watches made from Taylor Swift vinyl.

3. This monogrammed locket Very sweet!

4. My girl got her second piercing for her 16th birthday, and now she’s all about a set of earrings. This group of Huggie collars He is very sweet.

5. Blazer It’s all she can talk about lately.

6. That’s nice Stuffed sloth It is actually a heating pad that you heat in the microwave. Perfect for muscle pain and spasms.

7. My girl always steals mine beach tunnelso it would be nice if she got one of her own.

8. She’s been talking lately about wanting a perfume, but I’m dreading introducing any synthetic fragrances into her routine. if this Discovery Collection by Henry Rose It will be great! They are clean fragrances that are EWG approved and that way they can detect the scent you like best. The cool thing about the Discovery Set is that it comes with a $20 discount code to use on your first full-size fragrance!

9. Wide leg yoga pants They are back!

10. ogg slippers It’s definitely on the pricey side for slippers, but the only good thing about having older teens is that they might as well grow up. So at least they will be something they will have for many years to come. This and teens wear them as shoes at school.

11. IYKYK. If your teen loves The Summer I Turned Pretty Series, This shirt It will surely put a smile on their faces.

For teenage boys

Teens can be the hardest to shop for, so I really hope this guide helps!

Teen boy gift guide

1. Apparently Patagonia Print All anger. Or at least that’s what my son ordered this year.

2. My 18-year-old still loves Pokemon, so I thought of that Little waffle maker It would be perfect for him. Next year, he’ll have a small kitchen to work in at college, and he actually loves making pancakes.

3. Somehow he’s always losing his socks, so Christmas is always a good time to replenish his energy. These socks Would make a great stocking stuffer.

4. I may want to gift myself this beie. I love the colors!

5. This rain bag Seems like the perfect size to take home from college on breaks.

6. Lace-up shoes Something he’s been talking about a lot lately.

7. I got a couple of These pajama pants Last Christmas, literally live. He says they are the softest beige pants.

8. In short, my son’s style is “relaxed.” Boy lives in oversized sweatshirts, and I’ve noticed most teenage boys have a similar aesthetic. says so These are the best hoodies You can buy. It is now on sale for $22!

9. If you have a preteen or teen, you know that down jackets don’t happen in winter. I feel like it was the mother who was tired of seeing her son freeze in the dead of winter in a T-shirt standing at the bus stop who came up with the genius idea for a hut. If your child is averse to a vest, this one is sherpa-lined shirt jackets Fabulous!

10. He owns khakis and jeans, but lives in sweatpants. This is his favourite And most of the colors are on sale now.

Happy gifting! I already got one of my trees and Lighted pink house decoration Am I ready to embrace the season! 🙂

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