Housing + San Francisco 2050

The competition seeks proposals for “new 21st century duplexes and quads” that can help demonstrate multi-unit housing as a viable alternative to the single-family “dream home” commonly found throughout California.

The call to concepts aims to identify a range of solutions that can help increase density across the city while also helping to combat rising rates of homelessness, climate change and social fragmentation.

According to the brief: The San Francisco 2050 + Housing Design Competition seeks design ideas and designs that address the ongoing housing crisis. How do we increase available housing while embracing the character and scale of this city?

A large percentage of the town’s land for residential use is designated for single-family homes only. While California Senate Bill 9 (SB9), the California Home Act, and proposed legislation centered on San Francisco aim to address the inequalities inherent in current land use patterns, many areas are still affected by its division from multiple to single. For family only in the late 70’s.

This competition seeks solutions for new and innovative housing patterns for the city of San Francisco that looks to the future, creating more equitable and resilient urban communities.

San Francisco is home to about 18,000 residents per square mile, which is currently about 38 percent of single-family homes. The settlement is in the middle of an acute housing crisis due to a housing shortage and has also experienced high levels of homelessness since the 1970s.

It was Foster & Co last year It was chosen to award the Transamerica Tower a landmark in San Francisco The largest repair in the building’s 50-year history. Heatherwick Studio has revealed plans for Low Carbon Campus and Eco Park On a new pier in San Francisco in 2020.

The latest competition seeks sustainable design solutions that “address the San Francisco microclimate” and help provide denser neighborhoods with housing that encourages community and sociability. It features two categories focusing on corner plots and medium sized parcels respectively.

Judges will include David Winslow, principal architect in the San Francisco Planning Department. Frances Anderton, author and former host of DnA on KCRW; and Hector Perez, Founder and Graduate Director of De Arc and Woodbury School of Architecture.

The competition features a $20,000 prize fund and the overall winner will receive a $10,000 prize. Selected entries will also be shown locally later this year.

Contest details

Project Title Housing + San Francisco 2050
client AIA San Francisco
Contract Value $20,000
Deadline for the first round 5 p.m. local time (PST), May 1, 2023
restrictions If selected as a winner, in order to receive the prize money, any entrant who is not a resident of the United States will be required to fill out Form W-8BEN to report the prize withholding to the IRS. The application fee is $150 for AIA members and $225 for non-AIA members.
more information https://aiasf.org/architecture/housing-san-francesco-2050-design-competition/#

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