How do companies benefit from ARHT’s Holopresence platform?

Canadian company ARHT has pioneered such technologies since 2014. The company’s solutions allow people to connect across the globe while saving time and resources.

It also eliminates the need to travel to remote locations while interacting with live crowds using remote viewing technologies.

With mass presence technologies, executives, movie stars, and advertisers can use low-latency 5G connections to capture and send their holographic avatars to remote audiences.

ARHT leverages its proprietary solutions to facilitate immersive experiences for all users, including corporations, organizations, celebrities, retailers, and government officials.

Versatile mobile capsule solution enables live or pre-recorded 4K virtual productions and interactive touch screens.

Companies can quickly integrate platform content with plug-and-play infrastructure and motion sensors to interact with audiences. The capsules also include QR codes for sharing information and websites for promotions.

XR Today recently visited the ARHT office in London and tried out capsule techniques. An ARHT executive discussed how the company’s solution offers a new communications platform for enterprise use.

XR Today: How do holograms increase community interaction with customers, and where?

ARHTHolograms provide a sense of presence that feels as if people are in the same place with you. This is despite the fact that the person appearing as a hologram is somewhere else or may have been previously recorded. With this sense of presence, interactions feel natural and the audience stays engaged.

Using this, holograms create many potential use cases for engaging communities. This is especially for clients who seek to engage people in meaningful ways to generate greater impact and create memorable connections.

For example, in a retail or brand activation setting, Holopresence technologies allow popular influencers or celebrities to join local events without traveling or taking significant time out of their schedule. They also help retailers provide product knowledge from the best experts available, regardless of their location.

Moreover, many retailers and brands are looking for ways to engage target audiences both in the physical world and in person. Moreover, they also understand that right now, a lot is happening digitally.

Holograms can bridge these two spaces by merging the physical with the digital, or “phygital.” This creates experiences that start in one world and transition easily into another.

For example, a customer might walk into a retail store and encounter a 3D screen with pre-recorded content. This promotes the brand’s latest collections and, through QR codes, unlocks additional content to view online. It can even offer in-store promotions at the same time.

Our technologies can create more opportunities for personal sales and digital expansion of the brand, all while interacting with new technology that is engaging and memorable.

We also see trends in holograms as applications for many websites. These services have included concierge services, customer service, product catalogs, trade fairs, training, education, recruitment, speaking engagements, and even important recurring meetings.

XR Today: How Does Holographic Technology Work? In what scenarios might users find holograms more useful than meeting in real life?

ARHT: The foundation of ARHT’s hologram technology is our transfer software, the ARHT Engine.

The solution allows us to capture a render in one of our Capture Studios and send it securely over the Internet to hologram screens like ARHT CAPSULE, live, without latency, and in real time.

In Capture Studio, presenters stand in a space similar to a video recording studio with specialized background and lighting, a 4K camera, and reference screens. The presenter can see their audience via reference screens that display the live feed from the built-in cameras and communicate with the microphones.

On the show side, in the ARHT CAPSULE, the audience sees a fully formed, lifelike 3D image of the presenter on a transparent LCD screen covered by a light box. This helps give the presenter visual a sense of depth and the appearance of a stereoscopic 3D image.

Because the ARHT engine can handle multiple two-way streams, presenters can technically be in multiple places at the same time and interact in real time, all without having to travel.

ARHT Hologram displays can be moved and set up as required in many different types of locations. In terms of ARHT Capture Studio, we have a number of locations around the world with permanent studios already set up. We also offer a mobile Capture solution that can bring Capture Studio closer to the presenter.

We can also deploy our global delivery team and technicians to help deliver projects across every continent in almost every country or city. In fact, we even have Live hologram broadcast Many speakers to yacht adventures in Antarctica!

XR Today: What are the big names integrating your solutions, and why did they choose omnipresence for their clients?

ARHTWe work with many of the best brands and companies across many sectors. So far, the list is quite impressive – we’ve worked with many celebrities, high-profile speakers, and even heads of state.

Organizations, businesses, and individuals choose to work with us to achieve more impact, overcome scheduling conflicts or geographic obstacles, improve efficiency by reducing business travel, and align with Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) goals.

XR Today: What can you tell us about the XR market related to your solutions? Have you seen any specific emerging trends?

ARHT: Besides phygital experiments, the advent of XR opens up more possibilities and interest in hologram-related applications.

Holograms are a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. With the widespread adoption of mixed reality, holograms will become a major way to display items and content from the digital world and give them a sense of presence in physical space.

In addition to holograms of people, we have also shown 3D images of digital avatars in the past and can display all kinds of 3D content using immersive presence. This allows people to view and interact with these digital items in real time and in real life.

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