How real estate agents are using QR code technology to simplify the home buying experience

The popularity of QR codes has seen many ups and downs over its nearly 30-year existence, but with the need for less contactless menus and transactions during the pandemic, barcode technology has made a comeback in a big way. From 2018-2020, QR code usage increased by 96% It has been noticed by many of the best real estate brokerages around the world.

With Internet listings now the primary means for home searches, the ease of use and speed of QR codes has made this forgotten technology more valuable than ever.

Here’s how top agents use this simple and powerful tool to connect with customers.

direct listings

Previously, one of the main drawbacks of QR codes was entire segments of the population unaware of how the technology worked, but that has changed dramatically since the onset of the pandemic. Chris Morrisonone of the founders ritsy. “I went to a restaurant with my mother, who is not very tech-savvy, and easily watched her scan a QR code to order a drink. I realized then that more people must know how to use this technology than before.”

It was this realization that helped Morrison start RETSY and develop the proprietary technology that would define brokerages in Scottsdale. “We use QR codes on almost every listing. What it does is give the consumer easy access to the information they want without any additional hassles. No agents to bother you for months, no 1-800 registrations, no empty flyer boxes. Just scan and you’ll have everything you need.” “.

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for Tracy Atkinsdirector in Global private propertyQR codes not only make menus easier to access, but also more enticing. By removing unnecessary text from the listing, Atkins says “we make it less like we’re selling a house on the market than we are saying it’s a house on the market.”

The Melbourne marketing specialist added, “All we use is an image, title and QR code, and that leads them to a video where they can get a deeper level of understanding and engagement.”

Tried and true methods are compatible with modern technology

Most agents have learned that sometimes traditional means of communicating with clients, such as newspaper ads, billboards, and postcards, can work better. However, for Catherine Pasek From Basic real estate advisorsAdding a simple update to these methods can make a big difference.

“I send out postcards about properties coming to the market and also those that have been sold recently and I include a QR code to enable people to get directly to the location of the property instead of having to find it through several steps.”

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Atkins says PPG has used QR codes along with more classic advertising strategies when marketing a file Melbourne’s famous Namarong Palace. “We ran a major campaign involving the use of QR codes through a national newspaper which was a powerful way to capitalize on this media and an opportunity for more storytelling.”

Intel proxy, with ease

Morrison says the ease of QR codes applies not only to homebuyers but to agents as well. “When someone sees a property they like, they can scan the property tag, and now we, as agents, can show them not just that property, but other things similar to it. We are trying to create the perfect ecosystem for our customers.”

By using technology like QR codes, Morrison says RETSY has been able to attract some of the “best performing luxury dealerships who know that the tools we offer give us an edge over any type of competition.”

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Morrison’s team leader added that the data collected from QR codes is used for real estate and real estate only.

“A lot of companies offer QR codes so they can extract your information, but with our system, it’s a closed loop, and it’s only designed for real estate agents.”

Create an individuals connection

In addition to connecting homebuyers with listings, Jim DolanOwner Cdr San MiguelHe says the scannable technology is also helping to market his brokerage and himself.

“We put QR codes on the back of our cell phones. It’s cool, I’ll be at a conference or socializing and someone will ask for a business card and all I have to do is flip my phone over and they instinctively know what to do.”

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The luxury broker went on to say that, unlike physical business cards, digital cards are more likely to remain in potential clients’ hands or phones. “Most of the time you get these cards and they end up stacked in your locker. But with QR codes, my information goes straight to their phone, and that’s something important to us.”

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