How to get skinny eyebrows from the ’90s, whether you’re committed or not

According to viral TikTokers like Roxette Arissa And the Naomi KatThe nineties are back. If you wanted to channel the spirit of Gwen Stefani, Naomi Campbell, or Angelina Jolie from 30 years ago, you’d be in good company. Makeup and brow artists have reported a huge increase in clients looking for that special look.

“Let’s face it,” he said, “the ’90s was a total sensation” benefit‘s global eyebrow expert, Jared Bailey. “People who are attracted to this style of fashion and beauty tend to rely heavily on it. If you’re going to stick with wolf cuts, feathered bangs, or butterfly clips, you’ll probably also want a thinner, more detailed brow.”

He said, “I noticed a rise in the popularity of ’90s fashion, and I think a lot of makeup trends followed, including lip liner and thinner eyebrows.” triple eyebrow Founder Bree Olson. “Part of the reason this brow style is making a comeback is because of nostalgia, while others are just interested in getting a brow that needs less maintenance.”

A thin eyebrow today is not quite the same.

“One of the myths about the skinny brows of 2022 is that they are the same thin brows we remember seeing on our favorite ’90s icons,” Bailey said. “The truth is that they are different because we have learned a lot since then.”

“Most importantly, we’ve learned that brows strike balance and proportion with your face and eyes. Therefore, today’s thin brow still has volume and texture. Although the shape has been reduced in width, filling them in is key, as brows are so rare They serve as an important anchor while obscuring the proportions of the face.”

Beauty expert Kennedy He agreed that things were different now: “The previous Slim Brow looked less intentional and had an almost transverse shape, but the new, modern Slim Brow is smooth and symmetrical.”

Who should try it?

“I think those with a healthy brow hair growth cycle are the best candidates for a thinner brow, because they are more inclined to regrow their eyebrows again if they choose to do so in the future,” the brow artist said. Rene de la Garza.

“When someone has fuller lips, a thicker brow can create more balance, and when a person has thinner lips, a thin brow can create balance,” Olson said.

“I don’t think there is a particular face shape that works best with skinny eyebrows, but I do think you need to be 100% confident to remove them,” Kennedy said. “I like to balance a person’s eyebrows and lips.”

Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

Angelina Jolie in 1998.

Try “glam-ouflage” first.

If you’re not ready to start plucking, there’s another way to see if this style is right for you. “I always recommend a test drive before buying,” Bailey said.. “Being thin can be something you have to wear for a while until you start a new cycle of hair growth. To prevent any regrets after plucking, you can count on the magic of makeup for a less permanent way to achieve this trend at home.”

Bailey suggests starting by combing the brows in the direction you want them to be styled, which, for thinner brows, is usually toward the temples. Then take a thin micro liner Use this to make small flicks in areas where hair is thinner or less dense. Keep these blows sharp and thoughtful.

“next one, Use a high coverage matte concealer The same shade as your skin tone, and gently pat it into the hair that is falling out of the new desired shape. “If your hair is really dark, it can take more than one pass,” Bailey said. Once you have “shine” those hairs, set the final look with an invisible brow gel.. This will act as a top layer for your brows and set the entire look without fear of smudging or blinking.”

Should you lighten your eyebrows at home?

Of course Can Do it at home, but many of the eyebrow artists we spoke to urged that you take at least one trip to a professional. “If you are able to, find a professional eyebrow artist to guide you throughout your transition to a skinny brow,” said de la Garza. “Eyebrows are all about proportion, and removing the wrong hair can really change facial features for the worse.”

“It’s important to see a trained esthetician who will help protect the skin and hair follicles while creating your new, delicate look,” Bailey said. “Always rely on the skills of professionals, so there is no permanent damage to the hair follicles.”

Is it better to shave or pluck?

If you’re ready for the commitment, Olson is clear about her preferred method: “I recommend shaving the eyebrow hairs rather than plucking them. Clipping or shaving the eyebrows won’t affect hair growth, while plucking can slow hair growth. It’s best to use a mini eyebrow trimmer. Instead of removing them from the root with forceps.

If you try it at home, pay attention to how you are formed. “I think a common mistake people make when they first try to get a thin brow is removing from the top of the brow,” Kennedy said. “You never want to do that, because it damages your natural arch and affects the overall natural look. You just want to take the hair. From the underside of the brow, with any random tufts.”

Bailey offered this advice for at-home sessions: “Always remove hair in the direction of its growth, keeping the skin around the eyebrow taut. This will prevent the derma bowl from ripping and permanently damaging the follicle.”

Thin eyebrows require less maintenance.

“Because a thin brow requires very little maintenance, it won’t require a lot of product to maintain the look,” Olson said. “An eyebrow razor or eyebrow scissors are useful for getting rid of stray hairs to keep eyebrows thinner.”

“You can’t do a slim brow style without a nightly growth serum that will help nourish, condition, and promote healthy hair growth,” said de la Garza.

“My favorite tools for keeping my slender edges are a mirrored phone case and a set of little tweezers that I keep in my purse,” Kennedy said. “When I’m having a recovery period, I usually try to do my regrowth.”

Finally, Olson said, remember that eyebrow hair will grow back, and there are ways to speed up the process, at least a little. “If you decide that the life of a thin eyebrow is not for you, Castor oil It can be helpful in promoting eyebrow hair growth.”

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