How to make labels with a cricut cutting machine – two preferred methods

Creating custom stickers with Cricut is one of my favorite things to use my devices for! In this post, I share two favorite ways to make labels using my Cricut cutters.

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If you’ve been around for any length of time (or have read this blog for a while) you know I like to organize all things! And one thing I’ve found over and over again is that things generally stay organized only when: 1) we come up with a robust system for storing/using things and 2) naming things so that everyone is on the same page about where things are going! While we have a more traditional label maker that is useful for making very small labels, I usually find I want to make larger labels that are easier to read. And for that, I turn to my cricket cutters. So if you’ve ever wondered, “Can cricket be used as a label maker?” The answer is absolutely!

If you don’t already own the pieces, please read on Unbiased Review of Silhouette vs. Cricut. I personally own and use: Cricut Explore Air 2The cricket maker and the air cricket. If you are wondering which device to choose, check out my post to help you Choose the best cricket machine for you.

Now, let’s look at the different options for making labels with a cricut cutting machine.

aPart 1: How to make vinyl stickers with a Cricut cutting machine

Necessary supplies

Step 1: Create your design in Cricut Design Space.

I find sans serif fonts to be the fastest at weeding, so because I was making several posters I chose to use a very simple font. I stood in my pantry sticking sticky notes on every box I wanted to label and wrote what the label should be. Then I took the stack of sticky notes upstairs and made my way through the stack of sticky notes, adding them to the Design Space one by one. I measured my containers and made sure each label was sized to fit the container correctly. This means that each rating was a slightly different size because the number of characters is different for each rating. This is what my project in Design Space looked like.

Step 2: Cut out your stickers.

Once you click the Make it button, you’ll notice that Cricut automatically arranges all the words in the most space-saving way, ensuring that as little vinyl as possible is used when making your cut.

Pantry labels made in Cricut Design Space are ready to cut

Step 3: Get rid of your vinyl design.

After cutting out the design, “get rid of it” so that you are left with nothing but the words for your labels. I always use Cricut Weeding Tool It kind of looks like a dental instrument, lol. It works great.

Step 4: Transfer the vinyl stickers onto your surface using the hinge method.

After you have finished removing the excess vinyl, apply transfer tape over the entire sticker sheet. use scraper tool To run the top of the transfer tape to make sure the vinyl lettering adheres well to the transfer tape. Then cut each sticker into its own rectangle shape.

I highly recommend using the “hinge” method of applying the vinyl decal(s) to your surface. You can watch the video below to see the steps I describe. It’s fast and makes it so much easier!

Pick one sticker and put a strip of masking tape or painter’s tape on top of it. Then stick it exactly where you want the sticker to appear on your surface. Once you are happy with the placement, flip the sticker up and peel off the backing paper. Then flip it down and use a file scraper tool To turn the top of the transfer bar back on. This will ensure that the vinyl lettering adheres to your surface while peeling off the transfer tape. Coincidentally, that’s what you’ll do next. Peel off the transfer tape to leave the vinyl decal on your surface!

This is it! You can see how some of the boxes I referenced for the pantry turned out below. I love how easy the labels are for me and my kids to read. We couldn’t make anything like this with an ordinary sticker maker!

Store Labels Made Of Cricut Cutting Machine
Store Labels Made Of Cricut Cutting Machine

Option 2: How to make stickers with Cricut pen or marker and paper

Now let’s look at another option to make stickers with your Cricut. Honestly, I think it’s the most used and overlooked option. It involves using a Cricut pen or marker to write any text you want on the cards, and having Cricut cut the cards into any shape you want. This is a great way to get the look of handwritten stickers without actually having to write them (I don’t like my handwriting, so this is a great option for me)!

Necessary supplies

Step 1: Create your design in Cricut Design Space.

You need to think of two things when creating stickers using this method. First, what shape and size do you want your label to be? Second, what do you want to actually write on the label with a Cricut pen or pencil?

I chose the rectangular shape and chose the dimensions that fit perfectly with basket basket labels I choose to categorize my girls as “going up with you.” Hyacinth water baskets that we continue our stairs. You have chosen “BFC Flannel Shirt” Cricut Font. Make sure your poster’s shape is set to Basic Cut and the Type is set to Pen so your device knows how to type and not cut your text.

Paper labels with names made in the Cricut Design space

Step 3: Send your design to your Cricut Machine.

Once you click “Make it” in the upper right corner of the Design Space, you will be prompted to upload your smart stuff. I love that Smart Materials can be used without a cutting mat! Design Space will also prompt you when to load the pen/marker and when to load the blade. In my experience, writing always occurs before cutting.

Paper labels with names made in Cricut Design space ready to cut by Cricut Joy

This is how my stickers looked after they were typed and cut by the machine. I used the silver marker to fill in the spaces between the double lines of text, but that was just a personal choice!

Name stickers made with Cricut Joy on smart sticker paper

Step 4: Apply your sticker and enjoy!

with the Cricket Smart Cardstock Sticker Sheet You can just peel off the backing paper and stick the sticker directly to any surface you want. but since Hyacinth water baskets I wanted to classify it as a rough and natural material which wasn’t really an option. Instead, I put them on this basket basket labels Then cut the container labels onto the baskets. It turned out so cute!

Name labels made by Cricut Joy for water hyacinth baskets on the stairs
Name labels made by Cricut Joy for water hyacinth baskets on the stairs

So there you have it! Two of my favorite ways to make labels with my Cricut Slicers. What is your favorite method?

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