HTC VIVE introduces a new ‘mini’ XR headphone

Immersive solutions maker HTC VIVE teased its fans on Wednesday with an image of an upcoming headset on Twitter.

The Taoyuan-based company tweeted at the time, “Go small or go home” along with a teaser image of the device, prompting reactions from the Twitter community.

In response to one of the first responders, the headphone maker said, “We’re working on something big… we mean small. It’s a new headphone!”

While the company hasn’t revealed more information about the Head Mounted Display (HMD) or the specifications, many expect it to be an affordable mid-range headset that can rival the competition.

This news comes just weeks after Pico Interactive for ByteDance Updates revealed On Pico 4, which was followed by ads on the owner of TikTok Neo3 link budget headphone.

Additional competitors in the virtual reality market are Sony PSVR 2 And the acclaimed dead Quest 2 Headphones.

HTC VIVE Metaverse Solutions, Aspirations

The update comes amid a massive wave of changes and updates for HTC VIVE, specifically after it launched several key products and solutions to build the infrastructure of the Metaverse.

HTC offered a file VIVE Mars Cam Track Solution at SIGGRAPH 2022 in August, which creates virtual production content with a cost-effective solution that supports the FreeD positional data protocol.

The device also supports plug-and-play features of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, a suite of professional apps, multi-camera tracking for three cameras, and low latency performance, among other things.

The company also released a file mystery device With connectors for basic VIVE and SteamVR tracking stations to record full body movement.

HTC VIVE also released another range of VIVE Flow smart glasses last year for users seeking alertness, gaming and entertainment in a world-class lightweight and compact form factor.

HTC VIVE Expands XR Interoperability and Use Cases

in an interview With XR Today at the Immersive Global Summit (IGS) 2022 Europe in late September, Burleigh Chen, Vice President of HTC VIVEIn this article, she explained how her company aims to expand the use cases for extended reality (XR) technologies.

She said her company’s VIVE Pro, Focus 3 and Flow devices had built an “amazing lineup of devices,” but the company also continued to innovate in its sensing and tracking capabilities.

HTC VIVE has also focused on developing face and eye trackers to enhance “natural interactions and expressions in virtual reality,” leading to greater realism and immersion, she said.

To be clear, I told XR today,

“We are no longer just a hardware manufacturer. We are building and championing VIVERSE, our interpretation of what the open Metaverse looks like, built on Open XR and web XR, so that people can access it via whatever browser they have on their smartphones, tablets and laptops “

She added that users no longer need virtual reality devices to access “amazing experiences” developed on HTC VIVE’s tools and architecture. This will allow creators and companies to build immersive worlds that people can travel to “in the next 5-10 years”.

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