Keeping up with T-Mobile’s XR Accelerator

Global telecoms company T-Mobile is ahead with full force on its Extended Reality (XR) Acceleration Program, which aims to match and support the modern demand for talent, developers, and immersive businesses.

The company is collaborating with XR developers, startups, and entrepreneurs to provide funding and resources to design 5G-ready immersive applications. The program takes advantage of Qualcomm Snapdragon . Spaces Software development kit (SDK) for augmented reality (AR) smart glasses. Qualcomm’s AR SDK is currently working on ThinkReality A3 from Lenovo Smart glasses, the first to adopt the platform.

When T-Mobile launched the XR accelerator, the company initially started eight companies Intensify Reality, Everysight, Flow Immersive, Kai XR, Longan Vision Corp, Matsuko,, Prisms of Reality.

Moreover, in May, T-Mobile added six other global technology companies to its program, including Beem, Krikey, Mawari, Mohx-Games, Pluto and VictoryXR.

John Saw, Executive Vice President of Advanced and Emerging Technologies at T-Mobile5G augmented reality technology has the potential to transform gaming, education, training and remote communications.

also added,

“With T-Mobile Accelerator, we’re partnering with leading developers and entrepreneurs to drive the 5G ecosystem forward and bring revolutionary new applications powered by 5G.”

Recently, T-Mobile donated Nearly $5 million to the University of Washington to support emerging local engineering talent. This move enables T-Mobile to continue the 5G journey by upskilling the talent pool required for emerging technology.

Neville Ray, Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobileis over,

“We also expect the new multidisciplinary engineering building to provide more opportunities for T-Mobile to engage with the university and students on cutting-edge technologies that enhance the capabilities of 5G.”

XR Accelerator aligns with the company’s goals Expanding 5G Availability across the United States. In a statement, T-Mobile explained that its 5G journey, which began in 2017, aims to produce “the widest [5G] Network in US History”, enabling low-latency broadcasting of high-quality XR visuals.

New participants

Late last month, T-Mobile secured an additional item Three companies XR To add to his growing list of accelerator program participants, including:

foundry six, developer of Metaverse and AR games, joins T-Mobile and Qualcomm. The Los Angeles-based company designs Social-AR experiences for Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, and works with brands like Sony, NFL and Samsung.

Stop[dot]com, a Tel Aviv-based technology company specializing in localized visualizations of augmented reality. Stop[dot]com offers its clients a digital infrastructure that enables the placement of AR and Metaverse digital assets in the real world. The Stop ecosystem enables brands to place real-time 3D (RT3D) AR information, such as coupons and prices, that users can view using smart glasses or a smartphone.

WeRa New York-based company that develops AI-ready AR retail solutions to improve the buyer’s journey and create new monetization opportunities for high-street merchants.

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