KILZĀ® Home Outdoor Kitchen Project with Magnolia Paint

*This post is sponsored by Kiehl’sĀ® the brand, but the content and opinions expressed here are mine. I only work with brands I love, so you know my ideas are 100% real.

Today I’m excited to share the outdoor kitchen project we started working on…last summer!


outdoor kitchen

The base was built to our specifications and we chose to have the sides covered with a topcoat (oyster shell concrete) to directly protect the areas most exposed to the elements and to further reinforce the base. Once that was done, a granite countertop was added.

outdoor kitchen

But then…the project got off a bit because it took me a while to decide how to handle the front of these outdoor wood cabinets.

outdoor kitchen
outdoor kitchen cabinets

I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to use paint or stain, but after quite a bit of deliberation, I finally landed on paint after falling in love with this dark beige named Engraved letter from Magnolia Home by Joanna GainesĀ® by KILZĀ®.

after, after

outdoor kitchen

I think this is the perfect neutral color for an outdoor space. Both are light enough to feel warm and comfortable but dark enough to hide dirt and pollen. So this color definitely checked all my boxes, and I love how well it flows with the lugs on the sides as well as the color of the granite surface. The painted surface also softens the grain and imperfections in the wood while the semi-gloss finish makes cleaning easy and also reflects light back into the space.

Magnolia Home Kitchen Cabinets

DIY details

This exterior painting project took virtually no time thanks to its fast drying times. Mildew resistance is key here in humid South Carolina, so I started with one light coat of Kiehl’s 3Ā® Excellent Indoor/Outdoor Primer.

outdoor kitchen

In addition to being mildew resistant, this primer also prevents stains and hides blemishes making it ideal for an outdoor wood project like this.

Kiehl's Prime Outdoor Kitchen

Bonus, drying time is super fast, so it didn’t take long to get to the fun part, adding this beautiful neutral color!

Magnolis hOme Kilz Outdoor Kitchen

I love bold colors, but in outdoor spaces, I love letting nature take center stage. This patio area is also located below our screen porch where it remains shaded all day. So I wanted a light color on these outdoor cabinets to keep the space from feeling too dark and heavy.

Magnolia Home Kills
Magnolia Home Kills

I used a 2 inch angled brush to cut and then roll it up. I gave it two light coats of paint, and once it was dry, I added stainless gate knobs as cabinet hardware. (No one shipped to me because the store didn’t have enough stock.)

Engraved letter from the house of magnolia

I am so happy with how this outdoor kitchen project turned out! I love this warm, neutral color on cabinets so much.

outdoor kitchen

The Magnolia Home by Joanna GainesĀ® Paint Line by KILZĀ® It’s a dream to work with, it gives you excellent coverage and comes with not only exterior paint but interior as well. All colors available are classic and beautiful!

outdoor kitchen

I have a few projects planned for this space before I’m ready to officially announce them, and I can’t wait to share more with you! But for now, I’m so glad this outdoor kitchen project has been crossed off my to-do list in time for summer to kick off!

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