Kitchen Organizing – How I Did at My Home’s Main Goal for 2022

You may remember that my first home goal for 2022 is to get started Settlement in the kitchen.

It’s a phrase I invented when I was thinking about what I really wanted to focus on in my home throughout the year. It basically sums up…..

  • I like to think about what I use in the kitchen, from pots and pans to glassware and storage containers
  • Reassess where and how things are stored
  • Putting time, energy and money into new and vintage additions that will serve us well and make my heart happy
  • Coordinating pieces that are more than just function and made with quality
  • Giving up things I no longer want, use, or need
  • And just in general a well-equipped kitchen set up with everything needed to prepare a meal and have a joy!

You can read more about why all this is here.

This goal made my focus on whole year Take a lot of the pressure off the cleaning and organizing part which tends to feel like a huge task in a space like the kitchen. In fact, my slow and steady motto allowed me, dare I say it enjoy Practical and over the past year, I’ve been able to organize almost every closet and drawer.

spice labels

After 22 years of marriage, I can honestly say our junk drawer has never looked so good!

Kitchen organization

In the pantry, I busted an old-school poster maker.

Kitchen organization
Kitchen organization named pantry

And in terms of updating the basics, I did a fairly good job on my checklist. But there are still a few more items on my wish list. There’s just something about not rushing and wanting to bring back just what I loved that made me think more about what I said yes to, and also, I’m convinced the perfect bowl of soup doesn’t exist. 😉

Kitchen organization

This year-long project has made such an impact not only on my daily life but on my mind. I’m really not sure why I always felt like a tidying/cleansing/organizing project like this needed to be done quickly. As if organization really didn’t matter unless you tackle every drawer and cabinet at the same time. But this is not true. It is not all or nothing. Small steps an act It pushes you forward.

Home goals 2022

I keep thinking about what I want to focus on in our home for 2023. Of course, I always have a list of home projects I want to tackle, but I choose One thing or area Really focus This past year has really made a huge difference. Giving myself a full year made it fun!

Kitchen organization

shelf organizerspice labelsAdhesive towel holderStore food in the pantryTiered lazy susanpantry binspice jarslabel maker

Are you setting any home goals or focusing on any particular spaces this year?

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