Lemon paint samples – which one to choose?

lime paint samples you ordered from JH . Wall Paints Arrived last week! I was somewhat shocked at how quickly they arrived, but I’m not complaining. SOOOO excited to get this little one fireplace makeover underway!

I obviously want something in the soft beige, almost dark gray, and neutral beds. 😉 I will use subtle contrast, warmth and texture. But what pleases me the most is this lime paint patina which will continue to evolve over time.

lemon paint samples

While the pictures don’t do these lime paint samples justice, they are really unique because they are hand painted, so you can really get a good feel for not only the real color but the soft texture of the paint. I’ve been staring at these samples for days, evaluating them in the morning, afternoon and evening light. I am ready to place an order! Any guesses which one did you pick?

Lemon paint samples from Mobile Paints

Which one will you choose?

Still not sold on lime paint? Take a look at this Architectural Digest And this is from Home garden.

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