Lime wash paint fireplace makeover

Remember when I said I wanted to use Wash off the lime paint to give the fireplace a little makeover?

I went with the sample to the far right (#103 from JH Wall Paints) I finally got busy painting earlier this week! I love that either!

Lime wash fireplace Christmas mantel

The color change is very subtle, but the lemon wash adds a lot of warmth and texture to the space. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

Washed lime paint fireplace turned Christmas mantel

Small change but really big difference, it makes the living room feel So more comfortable!


Here’s a look at the fireplace last Christmas.

The fireplace before the lime wash last Christmas

After, after

And this Christmas.

I just love the way it makes the fireplace a focal point in the room!

Living room lime paint wash fireplace

Texture is hard to capture in a photo unless you get really close, but in person, the lime wash paint adds a lot of soft texture and dimension. And even though this was my first time using lemon wash polish and I was a bit nervous to handle this myself, I had no issues with the application. I followed This tutorial Exactly, and it turned out very cool!

lime paint wall paints jh
wall paints
JH Wall Paints lime wash paint fireplace makeover

With the stove feeling even more cozy, I couldn’t wait to comment our stockings!

Christmas mantel 2022
Washed lime paint Fireplace Makeover Decor Mantel Decor

This was a very beginner-friendly drawing project. If you are considering using lemon wash paint in your home, I highly recommend it. I love it so much I’m trying to think of another place in my house where I might be able to use it!

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