Marina Tabassum wins Lisbon Triennale for Lifetime Achievement

Architect, Researcher and Educator Marina Tabassum Selected to be the winner of the Lisbon Triennale Millennium bcp Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marina Tabassum is the first female architect from the Global South to receive this prestigious award, joining forces with Dennis Scott Brown from the USA (awarded in 2019), the French duo of Lacaton and Vassal (2016), Kenneth Frampton from the UK (2013), Alvaro Siza From Portugal (2010) and Italian Vittorio Gregotti (2007).

In line with the values ​​proposed by the curators of this year’s edition of Lisbon Architectural TriennaleThe international jury, named “Tira”, praised the practices of Bangladeshi Tabassum Marina Tabassum Architects MTA, explaining that over the past three decades, the architect’s practice has been “an inspiring example of working with local communities that can have a positive impact across the planet – even under the most adverse conditions.”

Marina Tabassum wins Lisbon Triennale for Lifetime Achievement

Bait Al Raouf Mosque, Vidabad, Uttara, Dhaka. Photo © Sandro Di Carlo Darca

The international jury composed of Cristina Verissimo (Portugal) stated: “This architect’s work shows a deep sense of commitment to the social and cultural role of architecture, with particular attention to building a collective sense of belonging in each new project.” Diogo Bornai (Portugal), Ngoni Val (Senegal), Yael Reisner (Israel) and Zhang Ke (China).

“This architect’s work demonstrates a deep sense of commitment to the social and cultural role of architecture, with particular attention to building a collective sense of belonging in each new project,” states in statement.

The Lisbon Millennium BC Lifetime Achievement Award is given in Lisbon to a young architect or practice to celebrate their achievements and advance their careers. With this award, the Triennale aims to support new voices and forms of practice.

“Marina Tabassum’s unique practice touches upon the spiritual foundations of architecture”

The international jury highlighted how Marina Tabassum’s “unique practice touches upon the spiritual foundations of architecture, without losing sight of her responsibilities and potential impact.”

“Her projects demonstrate a strong and clear ethical stance, meticulous and cutting-edge design, and are relentlessly innovative even with limited resources and budget constraints.”

“Her work addresses pressing contemporary issues”

Always driven by specific cultural and geographic contexts, her work addresses pressing contemporary issues, with particular regard to local communities, their environment and history.

“Marina Tassim’s bold move forward, transforming architecture’s role from a passive commission model to an active initiative model, continues to show us the way toward how architects can challenge the climate crisis and bring about social change in an experimental, respectful, and inspiring way,” the international jury explained.

Marina Tabassum wins Lisbon Triennale for Lifetime Achievement

Resilient landscapes, Rohingya refugee camps, Ukhiya. Image © FM Faruque Abdullah Shawon

The award is awarded after an independent selection process that goes through two different stages.

In the first phase, more than 30 leading international figures in the field of architecture were invited by the Triennale to nominate up to three names they deem worthy of the award. The resulting list is then handed over to the jury responsible for the final decision, which includes the curators general of the 2022 Triennale as well as three other notable personalities from Senegal, Israel and China.

Marina Tabassem will receive the award during the opening days of Tira Lisbon, an original artwork by Portuguese artist and sculptor Carlos Nogueira.

On September 30, a series of conferences will bring together the bcp Lisbon Triennial Prize winners – Lifetime Achievement, Début and Universities – to be a great opportunity to learn from Tabassum’s vision for our common future.

In 2022, nominations were submitted by Alice Rawthorn, Anna Dana Perros, Bekim Ramko, Carlos Mingez Carrasco, Chuca Ehonor, David Basulto, Dennis Scott Brown, Ethel Barona Paul, Eve Arbo, Fabrizio Galante, Hana Dincek Peterson and Herbert Wright. Lay, Joanna Wasco, Josephine Michau, Giulija Reclaito, Marina Otero Verzier, Martinas Germanavicius, Matvey Celik, Mimi Zeiger, Natalie Wideck, Olamide Udoma-Igorh, Paul Pressner, Paula Nascimento, Simir Christo, Barica, Severa Taro Igarashi, Victor and Vera Sac Zahra Ali Baba.

The 6th edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennalesponsored by Christina Verissimo and Diogo Burnaifrom September 29 to December 5, 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Marina Tabassum also received an award 2021 swan medalpresented by the Sir John Soane Museum in London.

Top photo: Marina Tabassum © sonak das.

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Lifetime Achievement Award at the Lisbon Triennale
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