May and June favorites

June has gotten away from me, but I’m finally getting around to sharing my favorites! Show and still tell my jam! here we are.

Cut Denim & Loopy Phone Bag

Finding jeans that fit my waist but aren’t too tight around my thighs wasn’t easy. Normally, I measure the waist in order to give my thighs the breathing room they need. But then I’ll have to wear a belt. So I did a happy dance when I came across These are the free people Which has a small slit on the side so my thighs can be free, and I don’t have to order a size up for the waist. I also really like the high waist and the relaxed length! Not too short and not too long. These are definitely moderate shorts for me. If you’re looking for a cut that fits your thighs, you’ll love it! I love them so much I bought them in both washes. Bonus! – It’s on sale now!

I was deeply touched loopy phone case. This lovely yellow honey was a must have for summer! But I also still love my leopard print bag! You can use the code Our Fifth House To save 10% off.

Carter’s Roll On + Jane Clean Perfumed Body Oil

The beach house is all in oil

I try to stay away from synthetic fragrances. It’s often filled with a bunch of chemicals that I’d rather not spray all over my body. So I was glad to find out Carter + Jen last year. They make essential oils with organic and naturally derived botanical ingredients. And one of the best parts for me is that they disclose every ingredient used in the products they sell, which is a huge deal in the beauty industry because it’s not required by law. Anyway, the beach house and Island Girl Roll-ons smell incredible!!! And I can’t get enough of Beach House Body Oil!

Seawood Bath Body Scrub

Seaweed body scrub

Another body product that I use regularly and love is this body scrub Seaweed Bath Company. The texture of the scrub is perfect! It’s not too rough but it’s not very good. My legs have never been softer. The aroma of light coffee is not at all overwhelming; It is a gentle and subtle wake up in the morning.

Laser hair removal

Well, that could be TMI. But I’ve always hated swimwear season because of the constant need to shave my bikini area. Over the past few years, I’ve tried everything from sweetening hair removal and waxing to at-home hair removal creams, and nothing has worked well for me. So, after a lot of research, I decided to try laser hair removal. And after 7 treatments over the past year or so, I can say this was the best gift I ever gave myself! It was a little painful, but it was no more painful than waxing. And the results are great! It really is a game changer for swimwear season! I really wish I could do that sooner. Which is why I wanted to make sure to share this with all of you. If you’re thinking about it, do it! You will not regret!

Beautycounter All Bright AHA Facial Toner

New Beautycounter AHA Toner

Recently Viewed Beautycounter new inkAnd, as a consultant, I was able to try it out weeks before his release. It soon became one of my favorites. It’s not a basic powder – the kind of pointless skincare powder. This toner is a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids – glycolic, lactic, phytic, and salicylic acid – with niacinamide. So this amazing toner is packed with active ingredients that exfoliate, brighten, and lighten dark spots! Yes, this ink gooooood!

magnetic reference

magnetic book mark

Well, friends, have you been sleeping under a rock? How did I not know there were magnetic signals?! For years, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with paper bookmarks that inevitably fall off and cause me to lose my place. Ugh. But not anymore! The leopard print caught my eye because of that, of course. 😉 That exactly is no longer available. But this group It’s really cute.

Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

robot vac

Last but not least, I am pleased to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Cuthbert. Surprisingly, my husband called him. Apparently, my love for Anne of Green Gables has rubbed off on it. Cuthbert is practical and efficient, always ready to step in and get the job done, and never complains, like Matthew and Marella.

but seriously, This is a robotic vacuum cleaner Fabulous!


Well, your turn! Tell me what you discovered and fell in love with recently.

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