Maya Lin studio designs plant-covered structure for Bard College

Based in New York City Maya Lin studio He designed the soaring plant-covered performing arts center for Bard College in New York Together with American studio Bialosky and Partners who will be sitting next to Frank GehryFisher Center.

Maya Lin studioHeaded by artist and designer Maya Lin, she released a project showing a grass-covered structure jutting out from ground level around a courtyard.

The 25,000-square-foot (2,322 sq m) building will include facilities for Jerry-Designed Fisher Centerwhich hosts a popular performing arts residency program and opened in 2003.

Large windows will create a “biophilic environment”

According to Lin, the new arts center’s shape was intended to connect the structure to the surrounding woodlands.

Despite the low slope of some aspects of the structure, double-height windows will be installed to create a biophilic environment for the performers who will use the five studios included in the programme, which will be connected by ‘collection hubs’.

The central courtyard in the middle of the spiral structure will also be used for performances and exercises.

“The sloping grounds will allow for double height studios that open completely to the meadow and woodland, connecting artists, students, and faculty to the landscape while creating a unique and strong architectural presence,” Lin said.

She continued, “We are designing a high-performance, energy-efficient, low-carbon building that will be site sensitive, reflective of my aesthetic and my concern for the environment.”

New building “to expand the identity of the Fisher Center”

Construction on the Lane design will begin in 2023 on the 20th anniversary of the Fisher Center.

“I have long admired the Fisher Center and being able to create a new building in close proximity to it allows me to create a calm, respectful dialogue with Frank Gehry’s wonderful work,” said Lynn.

“Frank was my mentor at Yale, and it’s been very helpful for me to design this new building in relation to him.”

Lynn will work with Bialowski & Co On the project, as well as with audio consultants blue charcoal.

“Once completed, the building will expand the identity of the Fisher Center beyond the walls of this incredible Jerry Landmark, becoming a cultural campus that houses both the Jerry and Lane Buildings,” Bard College said.

Lin’s other recent projects include the file Installing dead trees in Manhattan to raise awareness of climate change Statue designs To be placed in the gardens of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago.

Images provided by Maya Lin Studio.

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