MBMC Property Tax: Application Calculation Process

Owners whose property falls under Mira Road-Bhayander Municipal Corporation can pay their property taxes online thanks to the official MBMC portal. Property owners can pay their taxes online at www.mbmc.gov.in, the official website of the government.

One of the major sources of income for Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation is property tax. The corporation is responsible for residential and commercial assets, including all homes, businesses, and other realtors who have to pay taxes. Homeowners are required to pay the MCGM property tax each year.

However, the amount of property taxes fluctuates depending on where you live. Online services allow realtors to quickly and easily check their overdue bills, obtain tax receipts, and make property tax payments. MBMC android app and web service for paying property taxes are available online.

MBMC property tax: types

According to a set of precise criteria, real estate is graded to help the government streamline the tax estimation process. Real estate in India is divided into four categories.

  • Personal belongings: Portable, man-made objects, such as vehicles, buses, and cranes.
  • Land: The land is in its raw, undeveloped and unenclosed state.
  • Land upgrades and improvements include buildings and other artificial structures erected on land that the owner cannot move.
  • Intangible Property: This is a property that does not have a physical form.

MBMC Property Tax: How is it accessed?

The tax rate for MBMC properties is determined using factors such as base area, geographic location, residential or non-residential status, property age, type of construction, and other factors relevant to a particular situation. Citizens can calculate their taxes by going to the official website of Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation.

The capital value system determines the BMC property tax (CVS). CVS is based on the market value of the property.

  • Visit the Mumbai property tax calculator on the MCGM website.
  • Select BMC property tax in Mumbai.
  • Fill in the necessary information about the Mumbai property tax calculator on the MCGM portal. Such as stand number, land, nature and type of building, carpet area, district, user category, construction year, FSI factor, tax code, sub-region, user sub-category, and other details.
  • The MCGM property tax formula will calculate your taxes.
  • To view a detailed bill for your property taxes, select “Calculate” in the property tax calculator.

MBMC Real Estate Tax: Why Pay Online?

The way of internet has made life simpler for us. We have a long stack of paperwork to complete. The advantages of paying your MBMC property taxes online are discussed here.

  • You must enter the property code found on records such as sales deeds and city survey title cards, among others, to find out how much current property tax you must pay to MBMC.
  • This portal also provides a direct line of communication for raising grievances and handling cases.
  • If you have any questions, you can chat with the staff directly to solve it.

MBMC Estate Tax: How to pay home tax on the MBMC website

  • Take a look at the Mira Bhindar Municipal Corporation website.
  • Scroll down to the “Pay property tax online” option. Click this to go to a new page.
  • On this new home page, there is a space where you can write the title code from the title card, land registry or other documents.
  • After entering the code, choose “Bill Amount” from the options. The panel will display your money.
  • Go to the payment gateway and finalize the transaction there.
  • You can pay your taxes via UPI, online banking, debit or credit card.
  • After paying the property tax, you will receive a digital receipt. You can download and store this invoice, including the transaction ID, for later reference.
  • Open the MBMC app on your smartphone for online property tax payment from Mira Bhayander.

Offline payment method

  • Property tax payments can be received by a local BMC/MCGM office, also called BMC Help Centres.
  • From the given counter, take the property tax payment form.
  • Complete the form with all necessary information, including all property and title facts.
  • Include the demand draft or check used as payment. You can also use cash to make payments.
  • Give the clerk or dealing assistant at the chosen counter the correctly filled out form and the payment device.
  • Collect the payment receipt and store it carefully for future use.

MBMC Property Tax: How can I check Mira road-Bhayandar property tax status online?

Property owners can instantly check for any unpaid property dues via the MBMC portal using their property ID.

  • Go to pg.MBMC.gov.in, and click on Property Tax in the service area in the top menu, or click on this link.
  • By entering your property ID and searching for ‘Bill Amount’, you can determine the outstanding balance.

MBMC Property Tax: How are taxes distributed?

MBMC collects information on all new construction, existing construction, and property modifications. The company then sends the homeowner or property owners the tax bill. The physical properties of the property and other factors are taken into account when determining taxes and appraisals.

In addition to other things, there are some important things that property owners need to be aware of:

  • Mumbai Municipal Corporation of Greater (MCGM), formerly known as Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC), is the wealthiest municipal corporation in India.
  • BMC/MCGM official website address is https://portal.mcgm.gov.in.
  • In Mumbai, property tax is required, which is paid annually.
  • Both residential and commercial properties are subject to real estate taxes.
  • Regardless of whether the property is occupied or vacant, the owner must pay tax to BMC/MCGM.
  • In Mumbai, the property tax rate is between 0.316 percent and 2.296 percent.
  • BMC/MCGM can change tax rates according to the law.
  • Any lost property tax payments are subject to a 2% per month penalty for unpaid real estate or property taxes.

MBMC Property Tax: How do you change name on Mumbai property tax invoice online?

To request a name change on official property records, you must visit the Revenue Commissioner’s Office and submit the documents listed below, along with the application form. After the authorities have verified your application, it will take two to four weeks for the new name to appear on the records.

Required Documents

  • Receipt of the latest paid tax
  • A certified copy of the sales contract (the sales deed must be in your name)
  • A no-objection certificate for the connected housing association
  • A suitably completed application with signature

Contact MBMC

You can access MBMC across multiple platforms.

Phone: 022 28192828/3028/0331/0333/0344

Website URL: http://www.mbmc.gov.in

Contact Email: propertytax@mbmc.gov.in

questions and answers

Who is responsible for paying real estate taxes on the rented house?

In India, the landlord is responsible for paying the property tax on the house he rents.

Is there a penalty for real property tax that the owner calculated incorrectly?

MBMC strongly recommends that property owners determine their exact tax liability. Any errors found by the municipal corporation may result in penalties in accordance with the law.

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