Metaverse Digital Real Estate & Land Sales

What is the Metaverse ?

A network of 3D virtual worlds is referred to as the metaverse. Through a virtual reality headset, users can enter these worlds; they can then move around in the metaverse by eye movement, feedback controllers, or voice commands. By giving the user the physical sensation of actually being there, the headset stimulates what is known as presence.

Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Somnium are the “Big Four” that are most commonly used / accessed when describing the metaverse.

What is Metaverse digital real estate?

These are online assets which can be utilised in many ways, for example to construct virtual buildings, events or experience for those within the metaverse to interact with. Digital Real Estate is essentially a virtual plot of land to build something one and are frequently owned by businesses, but can be owned by individuals. They can be owned, sold, purchased, and leased just like any other sort of real estate. You can buy metaverse estate in a similar way to how you’d buy an NFT. In the metaverse, real estate is purchased using cryptocurrency, much like NFTs are. You are given a special piece of blockchain code that functions as a deed of ownership after the transaction is finished.

The concept is that a metaverse platform connects the digital and physical worlds. For instance, Sandbox is a metaverse platform that manifests as a game and a virtual environment. In contrast to conventional video games, where players must simply progress through all of the levels to complete the game, Sandbox gives players the chance to stake a claim to the world itself. “Land” plots are purchased, sold, and leased.

How Much Does Metaverse Virtual Property Cost?

Values of virtual real estate fluctuate according to demand, but so far they have been on the rise. The largest digital real estate purchases in the metaverse to far have been made by cryptocurrency-based investment firms. For $4.3 Million, Everyrealm (previously Republic Realm) purchased 792 parcels of virtual land in The Sandbox with the intention of developing some of the property in partnership with Atari.

Real estate sales in the near past

According to investors and analytics companies, sales of real estate in the metaverse exceeded $500 million last year and may double this year. According to MetaMetric Solutions, real estate sales on the four main metaverse platforms reached $501 million in 2021. The producer of metaverse data reported that sales in January exceeded $85 million. It predicts that if sales continue at this rate, they might reach around $1 billion in 2022.


The metaverse real estate industry is anticipated to expand between 2022 and 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 31% per year, according to a report from BrandEssence Market Research. In recent years, VR real estate has been thriving. The future of virtual real estate is uncertain, making it extremely risky but also possibly highly lucrative. Anyone interested in taking part should do their due diligence and proceed to invest in this field. Also, ensure you get professional guidance before indulging in the same.


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