Metaverse to Spark New Industries, Best Practices

The rapid pace of development of the Metaverse has led to a struggle to define the future structures of the spatial communication platform, with concerns about best practices, anticipation of new headphones and devices, as well as the rise of the creative economy that will impact the physical world.

Such unforeseen circumstances require the foresight of futurists and industry experts who are able to explore how the Metaverse will develop over the next few years and its expected impact on society.

XR spoke today to Amelia Kallman, future pioneer, author, speaker and host of the XR Star PodcastAnd the Dr. Andrea Bravo, Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Specialist, Consultant, PhD in XR and Data Visualization Expert at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) In some of the most prominent trends occurring in the virtual and real worlds.

Phygital spaces, encouraging lifestyles

When asked about current and upcoming trends in the XR industry, both conceptual and technical, Kalman mentioned that some of the most interesting trends have been happening in augmented reality (AR), Geolocationand geopinning, which maps the physical world to anchor the virtual assets of augmented reality.

  • Amelia Kalman and Dr. Andrea Bravo will speak at the opening ceremony Top XR On September 22nd to discuss the biggest trends in the XR industry.

Citing companies such as Microsoft, Meta Platforms, and Niantic, she said these technologies will become a “massive new industry.”

She further explained that companies can Digital asset overlay Via a physical desk to engage with beloved projects and applications and interactive experiences with real-time metaverse features.

She said ,

“There will also be opportunities for people to rent and lease this space and make money from this space. It will also have to be regulated or monitored as well, so there is a whole new industry that will emerge around this. I think this is also just kind of a guide to how valuable 3D models and 3D environments are. And I see a massive appearance around it.”

She added that the gamesmanufacturing, industrial, and institutional industries have acknowledged that everyone “needs these 3D models in these 3D environments.”

Kalman concluded that sectors will soon merge with these metaverse technologies, with major tech companies acquiring smaller companies to “augment their libraries” to lease, license or allocate plant space.

XR, from experimental to emotional

Bravo, who has teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), responded by saying it is keeping a close eye on augmented reality (AR) and that space will evolve rapidly over the next few years.

She said the sector is “going into the consumer market” with major companies like Magic Leap, Google, Meta and others promoting research and development (R&D) through several key projects.

  • Amelia Kalman and Dr. Andrea Bravo will speak at the opening ceremony Top XR On September 22nd to discuss the biggest trends in the XR industry.

Companies like Google and Meta . have started real life test Several AR headset prototypes are “out of the lab” with Glass and Project Aria, respectively.

Bravo spoke on this topic,

“It is very exciting to see all these big players who now have projects to launch in the world because these are clear indications that their products will soon be on the market.”

In terms of hardware, she mentioned that she is interested in how the community of experts can work together discuss “How to Promote a Comprehensive, Secure, Ethical, and Interoperable Metaverse Program.”

Bravo told the committee,

“I think it’s very important to think about it now, because it goes beyond building technology. It’s also about the human and societal implications these technologies will bring to us, because they will definitely change the way we interact with the world as mobile devices do”

It also highlighted that there will be an increase in data tracking and the need for this Develop best practices To build a “Metaverse that is safe and also enhances human well-being.”

opening Top XR It will take place September 20-22 and will join some of the world’s largest companies in a series of panel discussions and roundtable discussions on key emerging technologies such as Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR), Metaverse, spatial computing, 5G, and others.

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