MOCDA brings a vibrant exploration of color to Decentraland

Contemporary Digital Art Museum, MOCDunveiled an excellent new exhibition in Decentraland by launching a vibrant exploration of the transfer of natural color to the digital realm.

Dubbed “Not Only RBG” The scintillating exhibition will run from mid-October to January 28, Take the lead in the place assigned to the Ministry of Civil Defense, which is required and is located in the depths The Great Grasslands of Decentraland. As a result, it showcases the incredible talents of some of the best artists in the digital space.

The exhibition aims to take visitors to its halls on a journey full of colors and graceful lines, planning a cycle of Beautiful designs in nature It brings a vibrant aesthetic movement into the metaverse. All with the aim of eliciting the same responses we get from nature, while exploring the virtual world.

Lending their considerable talents, MOCDA has acquired the services of lead artists, Kevin Abosch, Matt Kane, Mathieu Merlet Briand, Sarah Meyohas and 38. Each showcasing his incredible mastery of color, space and digital easel, assembled into one vibrant gallery of Featured curators Chiara Pradotti and Sia Benchi accepted.

Take a look around >> over here

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